Work is Hell

Coffee Mug - Far Side Just Not Reaching That Guy

“If this is how its suppose to be than God is sleeping on the job”-Guy Jay

I feel the pain everyday- add another layer- and go home to find the aftermath of a hurricane.

Every night I pray to God before bed, “Dear God in Heaven, when I wake up; may the fucker be burned to the ground! Amen”.

When I wake up before work- I already see the hungry eyes, the thirsty tongues, the animal faces- now, I stay away from the mirror.

I get burnt out of the two faced schemers, the criminals, the druggies, the sex addicts, the ego driven aggressors-but, enough about management.

I get bored at work-I like to play a game called, “what can I get away with?” Ten minute bathroom break? How about I leave and go get breakfast, I’ll be back in twenty”.

My breakfast includes two energy drinks, a large coffee and half a pack of cigarettes- I figure in early death is a good excuse to be late.

I’m a predator at work-I stalk my victim-mouth drooling as I make my move. I swarm around them like Jaws, hoping they take the bait- I’m such a master baiter.

I imagine this is what hell is like:

At the bottom you’ve got the associates, who plot and scheme among themselves. Then you’ve got demons, they’re lower level management. They plot and scheme against everyone to get closer the top. The next tier is for like Lucifer and the four horseman and famous demons, their the CEO’s. Then, you’ve got Satan. But, he’s never in the office. He’s usually on the golf course with the Bush family.

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