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Druggies are a Strange Breed

April 20, 2017

Druggies are a strange breed of people. I never understood the long-term return from a momentary rush. I think it’s a pretty bad investment.

Like, take the drug crack for example. You spend all this money on a drug that makes you alert and paranoid. You spend most of the night listening to worms crawling in the ground, hoping it’s not the cops.

Heroin is no better. All though I do say it’s got to be the most relaxing descent into hell.

Then you got Meth heads, and those people freak out, hoping to turn their boring ass lives into an episode of breaking bad.

But a druggy, no matter what his drug of choice is, shares one common element. For us rational thinkers, we can all agree that money is a currency used for the exchange of goods and services.

But a druggy is different. A druggy sees money as a drug and drugs as a currency.

So when you borrow money from a druggy and he says he has it. Don’t be upset when he hands you the wrong kind of green.

What do you think?

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