Joke of the Day, Everyday is Earth Day but Really It’s Tomorrow

We have a day named after the sun. Sure the sun is awesome but only the Earth once a year during a fake holiday.

And how we repay the Earth? We shit all over it.



I feel bad for the trees here on earth. They get cut down and sliced into tiny sheets for books that promotes polluting the earth and cutting down the trees.

I find Earth day ridiculous. If we’re so well aware of our wastefulness as a species that we have to dedicate a day for making us feel less at fault for being negligent of the Earth’s valuable natural resources. Shouldn’t maybe, we change our culture?

Nope. Slap a new day in their once a year to keep the hippies from rioting to congress; change nothing and call it progress. Now that’s what I call good public relations!


2 thoughts on “Joke of the Day, Everyday is Earth Day but Really It’s Tomorrow

    1. I agree! We often take for granted that this is our home. It can be cruel, but it can also be bountiful. We have survived because of this precious and unique entity floating in the cosmos. We owe everything to this beautiful planet. This fragile sphere called, home.

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