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Story of a Lute Player

April 30, 2017

Long ago, the Divine Creator lived in the space between the heavens and the earth.

In those days, man could look up and see God in all directions.

Because of this, man knew that God was all infinite and all encompassing.

Regardless, God would leave the space and travel to the earth to bask in his creations. God, especially loved to listen to the soothing sounds of mother nature.

On one occasion, God heard a virtuoso practicing his lute on a rock by a stream. The soloist was a slave boy relaxing after a long day of toiling in the fields.

The music was unfathomable beautiful, yet because of the lute’s small size; the instrument lacked depth. In shame, the boy stopped playing knowing that his instrument had disappointed the divine creator.

So the following day, after toiling all day in the fields under the hot sun.The slave boy decided to start working on a lute the size of a tree.

It took many days and many man hours, but the lute was finally finished.

Again, the boy began to play his lute and again God came to listen. This time the deep natural tones of the universe could be heard and God became entranced in the mystical sounds of the music.

God got so close to the neck of the guitar that it pierced through his very ear-drum.

In a crying fix, God ran off into the heavens.

In guilt, the boy cried out to almighty God. But God, half-deaf did not hear the boys apology.

So in an act of redemption, the boy collected every lute in the world and stacked them on top of each other to reach the almighty.

After climbing to the top, the boy shouted to the Lord; but the Lord did not hear his calling. For the tower was one lute too short upon reaching the heavens.

In disappointment, the boy began climbing back down towards the earth.

However, the tower was unstable and lutes came raining down from the skies in a mighty hailstorm.

Among the wreckage, lay the boys mangled corpse.

The boy was buried along the stream with his lute.

In anguish, the whole community prayed to God to spare the soul of that kindhearted boy.

When their prayers finally reached the ears of God. The lord became deeply saddened for putting himself before his children.

This time God cried out but the boy could did not hear God’s anguish.

The boys sacrifice was because of his passionate devotion to the God Almighty; and so God decided to find the boy.

Upon searching the entire universe, God found the boy’s soul on the same rock by the stream.

Rhe divine creator anointed him the title of divine bard of the heavenly court where he resides to this very day.


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