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The Most Discriminated People in the World

May 5, 2017 ,

I was watching Dave Chapelle’s Netflix Stand up comedy collection. It was really good. Except he mentioned something that rubbed me the wrong way. He said fat black people are the most discriminated people on the planet. He never even mentioned Native Americans. How many Native Americans Comedians do you know who are famous? None. Not a single one. But Bill Cosby raped 54 women. That’s like fifty times the Native American population.

You know when the last time I saw a Native American on TV? The Wisconsin Republican Party was campaigning against the Potawatomi Casinos for extorting their money in offshore bank accounts. That’s what a Native American needs- a Republican, a political party who once encouraged scalping, to judge the Native Americans. And do you think the Native Americans can go bitching and complaining to the Democrats? They’re the ones who put them where they are today, away from any natural resources they could use to turn this around on us.

You know why we don’t have Native American Comedians? Because, hey, do you remember the trail of tears? Those were some good times, were they not. An entire race of people herded across a nation by the Dogs of war so racist they make the LAPD seem like Democrats.

I think the alcoholism is a gross stereotype. These people were introduced to whiskey, moonshine, and rum. A doctor doesn’t start you out on heroin. They give you a Vicodin and tell you your pain is only psychological. I’m mean, why didn’t we give these people wine or beer? No, we gave them the bottom of the barrel and told them it was worth its weight in gold. That’s what we did to these people. Just another dark patch in the long and engaging history of Christiandom.

I’m just saying if you’re going to do a joke about whose race suffered the most. You have to include the Native Americans.

However, there is a group of people who’ve suffered more than any race, creed, religion, or sexuality. That’s smart people. Smart people are also the focal point for discrimination.

The main difference between smart people and stupid people is that stupid people look at smart people like their weird. Because they don’t understand you and that scares the hell out of them. You know things they don’t understand. That’s some creepy stuff. And smart people are scared of stupid people because they’re crazy and have smart people outnumbered.

Writers have it rough. Sade, Dostoyevsky, and Wilde. All these guys had a hard life. The scientist Bruno was martyred for questioning the church by believing that the universe was ever expanding. Socrates was asked to drink his own poison. Galileo rotted away in prison. The Gnostics were disseminated. Thomas Moore was executed for criticizing the king. The social activist Jose Rivera was executed by the Queen. The list goes on and on. But George Washington Carver lived a long industrious life. How the fuck does that happen?

What do you think?

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