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Twitter Blocked by Comedian Paul Corrigan

May 5, 2017

I was just blocked by New York Comedian Paul Corrigan. He messaged me on Twitter, “Everyone Needs a Laugh. Here’s a video of my latest Standup”. I wrote back, “How much are you going to pay me to watch your standup? Everyone one needs a few extra bucks”. He wrote back “Don’t. I don’t care. :)” and blocked me.

Oh, so you want me to like your stuff. Are you going to do anything to help me out of my situation? Nope. But maybe you’ll be able to get someone to advance your career. If I haven’t heard about you in all my research. Then chances are you suck.

I’m tired of you people. Help me out and I’ll do the same. Otherwise, please just block me and go about your business, because I am sick of you people and your bullshit. Yeah. Is your standup really the thing that’s going to change my life for the better, or is it just another look at me and my opportunities, you don’t have.

All I’m saying is pick your moments. I have a $1000’s in tickets, no money in the bank, no friends, a family who doesn’t care, and no place to go. I’m really not in the mood for, “look at me and my art”. Either help me or go fuck yourself. Again, pick your timing with people. Don’t exploit them during the hardest periods of their life. You ain’t my friend. You just see me as another sucker to exploit. Again, know that when someone posts “I need help. I’m looking for a patron” on Twitter. It doesn’t mean, “hey, check out my Comedy Standup, and my obviously better social-cultural situation”.

Is it a coincidence that hey messaged me right after I wrote several cultural figures for help because I’m tired of being treated like a second class citizen? Maybe. If so, I’m sorry I’m starving to death, and all you can think about is your God Damn Self. So, I’m glad he blocked me. Does this make me an asshole? Probably. Or maybe I’m just tired because I’m struggling, and the only thing people care about is “what about me?”

I’m sorry Paul. It’s been a long couple of days. I hope someday he’ll remember our long twitter message, and focus on the good times.

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