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Joke of the Day, My Psychic Insights

May 8, 2017

I’ve always been an innovative spirit. In school, we had to invent something for our school project. I innovated by adding Oreos to Ice Cream. But the genius never really went away until recently. I remember mixing juice into my applesauce before that was even marketable. Two years later, it was on the market. My family thought I was weird. But I know what it was. It was innovation. Maybe not Tesla big. Trivial in comparison. Embarrassing really. Pointless to be honest. However, I remember another time I was waiting for a friend to pick me up during Middle School for the local Yugioh card tournament. It was late in the dead of winter and I was standing outside the front entrance, a gated community, well more like a Trailer Park in the middle of the Wisconsin Boonies, and I was standing there freezing, and the only thing I could do to keep myself entertained was chant a rhyme to my friend. It went like this.

“I’m going to kill Bill, Bill.

I’m going to kill Bill, Bill

I’m going to kill Bill, Bill

If he doesn’t get here soon, soon.

The verse is weak, but I think the chorus really encapsulates the moment, a lot of feeling, riveting really, visceral. Two years later, Tarantino released Kill Bill, Vol. 1.

Last summer I made a rude comment during the Long Ship Festival in Green Bay about how close Chuckie Cheese is to Lambeau Field. And how it must have been placed there to accommodate Child Molesters. Now I’m learning about Pizza Gate. Why can’t I just be normal and have insight into tomorrow’s Lottery Numbers? Or the blueprints to a rocket ship, with a DNA preservation system, so I can take the Bangle Tigers and the Bumble Bees and launch myself off this rock.

What do you think?

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