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My Spiritual Awakening so Far

May 8, 2017

My Spiritual Awakening began at day one. I remember as a child, my father had this black Vinyl cover book with the Great Pyramid and the Eye of Province. I remember staring at it as I felt my Pineal Gland pop open. It scared my mother into making my dad take the book off the stand and put it away in storage, or the garbage. I’ve had an obsession with Egyptian culture ever since, and have seen eighty percent of the documentaries on the Great Pyramid of Giza.

This has a conflict with my Christian upbringing since a young age. I remember at the age of Eleven praying to God to give me a sign that he was true. I asked God to make it rain, then make it stop. It did. I asked it three more times. It started and stopped. I asked it if it was a Christian God or a God of world Religions? The rain stopped. I took this as a sign that the dominant religious consciousness was in the Christian Paradigm.

I found hollowness in the Christian World View. I attacked it. And became an Atheist. I see it as this. The Roman World conquered the Mediterranian and infused itself into the cultural traditions of the region except for the Hebrew traditions of the Torah, the Apocrapthia, the Kabbalah, the Book of Enoch, and other spiritual and magical texts derived from these traditions. Christianity became a way to fuse these concepts with other influences into a variety of new teachings and traditions from Spain to India.

The most influential of these early Christian derivatives is Gnosticism. The Gnostics will have an influence on my current spiritual perspective. Gnosis means knowledge. I feel that the early Gnostics were influenced by Far Eastern Magical Practices and the Zoroastrian Ahura Mazda, or that God is a supreme truth. My view is that the Gnostics took from every place they could, digested it, experimented with these teachings, and chose the best results as the core of their practices. This is the form of Gnosticism I attempt to practice. I’m sure when you get to the core of it especially at the top levels of power we’ll unlock some dark truths about the Gnostic Tradition, so I take this as more of a Mystical form of Gnosticism whose traditions are placed in experimentation.

However, it took my own religion to get to this level of consciousness. I had to open up my mind to new levels in order to gather this perspective. I had to create my own religion- Voxtheism. Voxtheism, or Acoustictheology, is the belief that the invisible force of sound is the hidden architect behind our physical reality. That sound at heightened levels of frequency can help you tap into higher dimensions. That Music is the language of the Right Brain Hemisphere where the physical shape is manifested into this reality.  Music is also a free expression of the soul and carries an emotional impact on Consciousness. Consciousness is the Universal Mind that connects us. The mind is a two-way radio, and the soul is a vibrating consciousness existing around the physical body as it collects and projects thoughts from and into the ether, or empty physical space where thoughts and feelings are bouncing around forever outside our physical sight.

Alchemy is the most powerful tool into the individual’s inner world. Alchemy on a spiritual level applies symbolism to create a gateway into heightened states of Consciousness. Alchemy also takes basic chemistry concepts like dissolve, condensation, fermentation, etc, to speed up the natural process. I will attempt over time to use these methods to speed up the process of purifying knowledge. I call this Gnostic Alchemy.

All and all, I would say that I’m an Acoustic Linguistic Theologist Specializing in Gnostic Alchemy with a secular comedic twist. I mostly use comedy as a writing tool to try to lure childish minds in with peppermint words, only to touch their immature thoughts with the mad ramblings of a Rebel Scholar.

I’m simply tired of the lies, corruption of power, etc, etc. The Heroin Epidemic Worldwide. Etc, etc. The wasteful use of Natural Resources due to outdated Technology, the use of the general population as experiments for half ass attempts at not testing or caring about the long term effects of people and the environment. We need a better integrated  Holistic approach to our lifestyle that incorporates people and the environment as the key and not the byproduct of every equation. We have the power for the first time in human history to live the life our ancestors sacrificed everything for so we can live in harmony.

What do you think?

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