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Backwards & Backwoods, a Tangent in E Minor

May 11, 2017


I find the military to be weird. Five thousand years of multi cultural human development and the closest thing we got to peace is one guy with a camera documenting the most militarized nations in the world running around desolate post apocalyptic looking desert wastelands blowing up third world people like fish in a barrel; while at the same time, trying to stay on Russia’s good side. Kinda strange if you ask me?

I remember as a kid, my friends and family thought it was funny to light up fire crackers and use them to blow up fish and frogs. It made me sad; and I’ve dedicated my life to not even hurting a fly. But I do admit. I killed a Brown Recluse in my bedroom several months back. I didn’t need that thing biting my face. Just because I believe in the sanctity of life doesn’t mean I’m above fucking a spider up.

Again, very backwards, I should be like Americans- gun happy and full of kill boners. I shouldn’t have stopped at frogs but worked my way up to deer and eventually even man. Got a job for the Army as a contract killer on salary. What kind of “be all that you can be” shit is that?” You give private contracts to weapons manufactures. I’m a hired gun, give me a privatized contract, and hire me as a skilled mercenary and pay me on a mission to mission basis. And if I don’t come back. Than you don’t have to pay me.

Give me that freedom, and I’ll do some weird shit for this country, maybe even unforgivable if the money’s right, hey, plus the military’s no longer at fault if I get PTSD and go crazy, killing and fucking everything that moves, going as far as stabbing several holes in a palm tree after drinking the blood of my enemies just before running off into the sunset covered in my own feces never to be seen or heard from again.

I know, I’m backwards. I think its because I have this pre Romantic disposition towards war. I imagine our ancestors sharing laughs in their mud huts scratching off the dirt and flies after a long day of protecting their crops and woman folk spent ankle deep in the gore of their enemies. I have a difficult time imaging a solider coming home to his Starbucks and complaining about how the direction the countries going.

And this is why I can’t become president. I fight in inner war and face my enemy everyday in the mirror. And my war contains weapons of mass construction. My army would be all camera men chasing one guy with a gun as each presents a fresh perspective on the subject.

I’m sorry for being so backwards, I could change anything I want, Lord knows I could work on my will power. But I should quit smoking first.

You know what else is crazy. I don’t want to be rich. I just want enough to eat, survive and write. Who wants to be rich? You have more money than you know what to do with so you really don’t do anything. That sounds horrible. Hiding behind concrete walls from the mass of stupidity kept down with fluoride laced drinking water and endless reruns of sitcoms. What do expect when closest thing we got  to sophisticated culture is Fraser and the Big Bang Theory.

I also don’t think being rich makes you smart. A quote from this guy whose parents named Jacques Fresco or something has this to say, “A rich man once asked me, “If you’re so smart, how come your not rich?” I replied, “How can you be so rich, and yet so stupid?”

I think its weird that we call rich people geniuses. The first hundred, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, the first thousand, I’ll applaud their efforts built on a solid foundation to work with,  the first million, we start to see some George W’s.

And it’s not even that Bush is dumb, he’s just lazy, and doesn’t give a fuck. And why should he, when he went to the best schools, never had to work a day in his life, got all the drugs and pussy in the in the far most remote regions of the  world and can do what he wants whenever he wants.

I just want to write, and yet, I’m still expected to work a full time job just to get by without any consideration with how that might affect the development of my writings. Money first- soul second,  I get it. I’m backwards.

Which probably explains my crazy disdain towards corporations in general. I have more respect for the little guy with the family business than the big cheese who climbed up the corporate ladder in an institution well established before  birth unlike the guy to took a risk to lead himself and take control of his own destiny.

I still have tremendous respect for CEO’s of big corporations because that’s a lot of responsibility. Which is why I think it should be like Trump- you’ve got four years to play out your reign of terrorism, then get the fuck out. The four year rule is pure. It gives humanity hope that maybe, just maybe, the next guy isn’t a turd just because he wears enough Ralph Loren cologne to glisten in the sun.

I mostly don’t like corporations because nobody takes responsibility for anything, they pawn it off on the next guy until the problems rest on the minorities and the school teachers, well yeah, when you treat the education system as another business than refuse to invest money in it, instead spending it on an new Football stadium, I could see how retardation in the public schools could be an issue.

So, what do they do to correct it? The get a banker to announce on TV that over population is an issue. An issue? What about corruption in positions of power within the institutions themselves?  Doesn’t the internal corruption of an institution lead to the decay of the integrity and moral fabric of the system as a whole? Why is it always the people who don’t work for you seem to always be problem? Quite trying to monopolize everything, you already own the money supply and the farmlands, you don’t need a monopoly on excuses. You’re a flawed mortal, not a God, time to grow up, it’s called being an adult.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy and the environment I live isn’t completely insane. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m backwards.

Like how I don’t base my corporate opinions on profit margins. I look at the highest grossing business and get sick to my stomach. You don’t get those numbers playing by the rules: waste got dumped in the oceans, companies moved to China and employees lost their pensions. So I look down the list and praise the companies that broke even. Lord God almighty, everyone won, everyone won! Again, very backwards.

This is why I can’t be a supervisor, a manager or a CEO for one of these big big corporations, again like the military, I’ll do some immoral shit if the price is right and work with you every step of the way. If you need me too illegally dump this batch of shredded documents in a volcano, ok, but only on my terms. Don’t expect me to do the crooked shit you want me to do like cheat my workers taxes just too save a couple of bucks on this salary. Ha! If I’m the one who has to live with that shit, I better be getting my fair cut, after all, I’m doing the actual work here. Again, very backwards.

This is why I can’t be president. I’d try to pass laws where everyone came out ahead. The private sector would freak out. It’s hard enough to get them to fork out the cash when its costing their corporate interests lobbying expenses to convince congress that they need to spend the money to rally the people into believing that its their fault and they should have to pay it all back. Blame it all on credit card debt and ask for check or cash back. That’s the slogan material of future presidents.

Now, another Uncanny indifference of mine is that I don’t want to be immortal. Who wants to know this disappointment for eternity? A million years to reflect back on how you cant do everything this life throws at you so you don’t really do anything but fuck everything that moves. Sounds hallow and meaningless. I just want to get laid from time to make my dick stop hurting. I’m crazy, I know, it must be those backwoods genetics, like theirs something tainting the water supply, my guess is mercury poison.

For example, I read an article online not to long ago about how Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is trying to find a cure for disease and immortality. Oh great, a rich man trying to find a cure to save the world by prolonging life and maybe even ending death all together. Yeah, look at our population now, its become a political stand against population control where every police riot causes a ripple effect of millions of people breeding in retaliation.

Most of all, it sounds expensive, like a billion dollars expensive. Yeah, that’s the kind of world I want to live in. I got to work ten thousand years so I can pay back Mark Zuckerberg scrubbing toilets in some Martian dinner.

I only  hope to God he doesn’t find a cure to immortality. Scholars have searched for millennia, and guess what, their all dead.  Which is a good thing. Because do we really want the King Henry VIII’s still creeping around these parts? Do you think that us normal non super rich people are going to benefit from these breakthroughs without a catch?

Why do you think Mark isn’t afraid to talk about his research. Because even if he did find one, the media would keep it secret until they could find a way to use it to enslave humanity. And by that, I mean wait a few hundred years until someone comes around and writes a book on the subject.

I’m mean look at Facebook in itself. If I want people to read this post on Facebook. I can reach only my friends who must like it to reach their friends who must like it to reach their friends who must like it to reach their friends, and so on into infinity. All Mark Zuckerberg has to do is press a button and everyone on the Facebook site gets to see it, and he could write baby gibberish and woman will still want to fuck him.

Call me crazy and backwards but I don’t see how in today’s internet age, we’re anymore connected. I mean I guess besides the occasional thumbs up we give to the people we see on a day to day bases; or the yearly Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas we message to family so we don’t have to call and talk to them.

I’m right fucking here. See me flapping my arms like some fish out of the toilet bowl. Put down the device because I am a real in the flesh human being. And when I message you on Facebook to see how you’re doing, don’t ignore me because you think the world revolves around you, I mean before the computer age we never had this isolation problem when it came to communication, we knew the Earth revolved around the sun.

So, just because I’m not in your little friends box on the left corner of your homepage,  now I don’t matter? Why, because I’m not one of the people you see on a day to day bases whose level of self delusional bull shit compliments the bullshit you worked hard to establish within your little bubble of an existence?

I’m sorry I’m no longer apart of your little community. Then why don’t you delete me from your home page until you get down to the people you’d actually call friends, which would be like me, your significant other, three other people you can trust and like six family members, that’s why, so go fuck yourself.

Where was I? Oh right, backwards. It’s hard to get the private sector to do anything that isn’t fun, cool, legendary or anything that makes them feel good about themselves and their situation. And if that mean Illinois gets turns into a swamp where the rivers of sewer coming from the East Coast and the West Coast meet, so Kellogg’s CEO can wake up feeling like a champ, than so be it.

The point I’m trying to make across is this. People with money don’t care about people without money; and that Mark Zuckerberg’s cure for immortality will only lead to a situation where the rich die young in a blaze of glory and the rest of us have to work to pick up the pieces for all of eternity.

So I guess the moral of the story is this- the rich get what they want, everyone loses, the end.

What do you think?

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