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What I learned from Growing Up Around Women

May 14, 2017

My dad lived out of state and I learned to rely on my Mom and two older sisters growing up. They taught me a lot. Like how to color coordinate my wardrobe and how to get the most out of my curler. But they taught me one important lesson about being a man. That no matter what I did or say. I was always wrong.

But, they also helped me to embrace my inner vagina. Especially after putting make up on me and making me wear a dress that really brought out my adolescent eyes.

And thanks to my sisters. I learned a lot about woman. Which unfortunately, still wasn’t enough to master the female mind; because even for my god like level of worship for the female form, I still have yet to find a woman who can admire my uncanny brew of sexuality. Kinda creepy, I guess, that is, if you’re trying to knock me down to the level of a college frat boy.

And yet, the one thing that I still wonder about women. Is how do they make living space look so nice? How do they make food taste so much better? Don’t say it’s from experience, I know it’s more than that, it’s magic.  And, that little touch of magic is also one my many obscure fetishes. Kinda weird, I know.

Woman turn me on; and they don’t even need a light switch. But woman are also cool too be around. I prefer the company of woman especially at work. Men are too competitive. Their annoying. Woman can be just as bad; but with a woman, once the sexual tension is put on the back burner, the relationship has more depth.

Regardless of all of this, I’ve been blessed with wonderful and supportive sisters. Their my crutches when it comes to my relationship troubles. I love them both so much. And I’m grateful that we still keep in touch.

The same goes for my mom and for my aunt, all of whom are on the top of the list of people that I can trust. I love you all.

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