Joke of the Day, What is a Witch?

I think a witch is a woman who thinks for herself. Look at Joan of Arc. The big joke about the French is that they run from battle. Except for Joan of Arc. A strong bold woman driven by invisible voices who compelled her to do what she felt was good. It caused the British soldiers to run for their lives. That’s when she was put on trial for Witchcraft. The Intelligensia couldn’t accept that a woman put her own Internal beliefs before their Authoritative Penis. And so they placed her on top of the Pope’s flaming pillar of fags and tossed the torch. And because Joan of Arc didn’t sell out like to the church. Her name remains household and the priests who put her on trial remain obscure to all but a few scholars. The moral of this story? Don’t sell out. Even if it costs you your life.

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