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Our Modern Dystopia

May 19, 2017

I’ll try to break this down in the most unsophisticated way possible- for fun. So don’t expect a lot of research. This is more like a Dystopian Wet Dream than it is an actual informative work of Economic Philosophy based on any actual substantial evidence. I might mention Noam Chomsky for The World Dictatorship but that’s only because I already expect that he has all the answers.

The world is, as usual, fucked up. The reason is this New World Order. In case you’re wondering, The New World Order is kinda like The New Age Movement, which is where you basically just take a bunch of pagan practices and pretend like it’s never been done before.

But that’s not even the problem. The problem is we have this wall. This invisible wall that blocks us from moving forward. It’s a giant pyramid made out of Gold. Image the great pyramid made out of gold. Now image that Great Pyramid sitting on top of an even greater pyramid made out of paper.

And every time you try to get around this pyramidic wall, you find it keeps growing and growing until you run out of resources. So now you work for the pyramid builders keeping the pyramid well maintained. And when you ask for your money they pull out one of those jewelers eyes and take a fine chisel and break you off a chunk off paper. And you’re hey, what about a raise. And that’s when they’re like, well according to our fiscal charts you’ve made several mistakes. And you’re like well yeah, you threw me out there to figure it out for myself and now I’m one of the best workers you got. And they’re like well, you made that scratch just now, and that’s going to cost the company some money for repairs. And your like, that’s my salary, you made that scratch, not even a dent.

I’m sorry if what I’m about to say is going to offend anyone, but if it does, chances are you just needed to hear it out loud, you know, to really joggle up your stream of thoughts. The problem is instead of making college cheap and advanced degrees the economy of our future. We decided to create a Leadership Class. Do you know who used to belong to the leadership class? The best people for the job. Now it’s a pyramid of fake royalty stacked on top of a pyramid of real royalty.

The Administrators, Managers, Supervisors, C.E.O.’s, Presidents, Coaches, etc. are mostly a useless sector positioned they’re to fill power voids. A small committee of the most productive members of the laborer field could easily do all the paperwork and still have time left to do their normal day to day tasks. I’m not even saying that to be a dick. The men we used to elect in these positions were usually guys like Issac Newton who had the brain power of like three of his peers. Now we hire idiots who don’t know anything but pointing out flaws and fucking over the labor end because that’s what makes the boss of their bosses boss happy. I mean, in all honesty, it doesn’t even take a college degree to know how to kiss ass, punch numbers, and tell the people who’ve done their job for longer than you, how to do their job.

But this is the direction this country is going and anyone dirty enough to go to bed every night knowing you had to cheat someone with a smaller paycheck to make someone whose paycheck trumps yours satisfied enough not to fire you is a skill I do not possess. I see this all the time. Cunts standing around with their phones in their hands because doing as little as possible to collect money is the new mantra of the American Workforce to the point where working hard becomes a weakness that the seniority takes advantage of. Could you have any more an over-reactive lack of imagination?

This is because the Leadership class isn’t even real. They’re a wood pyramid on top of a gold pyramid all owned by the financial institutions who want it this way because it’s the only thing keeping the power in the hands of the few at the expense of culture as a whole.

And this is the core of the issue. This is why Nikola Tesla lived in poverty. This is why the guy who created the water burning engine mysteriously disappeared. This is why marijuana is illegal. Because anything that takes from the hands of the few and gives it back to the majority creates empowerment and a sense of self-sufficiency. The financiers want you to work for that pyramid because that makes them feel like the Pharoah and you like the slave.

At my last job, they wanted to put in a pinball machine. The company had $30,000 to spend on anything but the workforce. This was for good reason. They plan on keeping the union weak, weeding out the Americans and replacing them with cheap Mexican labor, and getting rid of Health Insurance Premiums. I might be wrong but it would only be out of spite towards me, which an all honesty, I hope they do keep all those Health Insurance Premiums out of spite towards me. If having to overdose on an ego trip is what it takes to save those poor bastards their health insurance that I’m happy I quit that job. Because you know what? Doing the right thing is all about sacrifices.

But the reason why they wanted this pinball machine makes sense to me. I can see right through their facade. The bosses and the drivers want something to do while they wait for the actual people doing the work to finish their end of the bargain. That way they could stand in the cafeteria and hit on the labor force, you know, because pressure raping your co-workers to show how privileged you are in a factory that looks like something you’d find in the Chicago ghetto working for a company that sells maggot infested foods to prisons so you can take advantage of those one sick day away from having your job taken over by her cousin really doesn’t seem all that stud like when you realize that your wife and kids hate your guts because your everything they’re against but have to respect you despite the fact that you’re hardly a man let alone a father.

But that’s the Mid West for yeah. I want to get out of here and see mountains. I want to travel the world and perform this post live in front of a screaming crowd on the verge of lynching me for having a radical way of juxtaposing words. Send me some money, please, so can come to your hometown and fuck shit up. I think that’s a valid profession. I just want a wife, a couple of kids, some food maybe, a floor to sleep on maybe, or at least a decent tent, and an open mind with a lending ear. That’s it. You can have your privileged status and your 401K’s, and your non-decaf sugar-free low-fat ice chilled mocha late. I wanna live in a world where I feel free reading a technical manual, not live in a world where I need one just to order a cup of coffee.

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