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Image taken from And, what the hell is going on with, communist literature, on a capitalist website? This is too comradical for even the Russians!

This is not a manifesto, and as one of the millions of people I still haven’t met, I too read the Communist Manifesto, and not in school, but for well, fun; which brain washed me so well, I went out, bought a hammer and sickle, than forgot what the point was.

Now, it’s a interesting read, it’s got statistics in the book that showcases with detailed accuracy, how the rich use the poor. And, I needed a book to tell me this simple logic, why?

Well, the Communist Manifesto gets into detail about how the poor working man is a victim, but for over twenty years of research claimed to have gone into the work, it doesn’t even mention how many of the ideals later raped by the communist parties came from a time when Europeans kept their Chasity. Than, the Catholic Church severed those ties, than well, set the example of the Socialist Party.

Or, the fact, that they had the money to fund twenty year long case studies found in the book, making it one of the most revolutionary works of the Social Sciences, but to be classified as Political Philosophy? My students would get bitch slapped with reality, F-, if you spent twenty years of research and come back with, The Communist Fuck Manifesto, in my Political Philosophy Class.

I mean it’s a book about the struggle of the working man and the poor labor conditions they endured, it was slavery, and in many ways, still is.But, twenty years of research and you come back with this shit? Karl Marx probably finished his final draft during a church sermon, and not even the Easter Sermon.

The Independent rapper Immortal Technique says it best in several interviews, “the idea of a White Guy having to come to South America, to teach the people of sharing” is ludicrous, like the word, not like the image safe rapper. I agree. Karl Marx wasn’t even the first white person to express those ideas, we killed them all, son. Sorry, Jay-Z, the kings of Europe sold out their own people long before the first slaves bought by African Kings.

You wanna spread Socialist propaganda, toss around Thomas Moore’s Utopia for a change, written like 300 years before the Communist Manifesto, but never mentioned in the Communist Manifesto, even though most of their research was done in England, the birth place of Thomas More.

Fuck the Communist Manifesto, that book pisses me off, people followed that bullshit, like it was real philosophy, ha. The Philosophy of the Communist Manifesto is this- “the Rich Victimize the poor, as victims, the poor should victimize the rich. And, that’s why we need more Farmers and Factory Workers”. It’s one of the laziest books I’ve ever read.  But look at today, Hilary Clinton’s solution is similar to Marx, except instead of Victimizing the Rich, let’s all become just like them, yippi!

That’s right, I’m not just anti Marxist, I’m anti Hilary Clinton, and fuck the racist Democratic Party, or should I say, Democratic- Republican party, you guys didn’t split, you branched off and became two sides of the same coin, read the fine mint if you wanna know what the next evil corporate bill the Democratic- Republican Party is selling yeah, find which bills legislature matches up for both spokesman, piece them together and you got the next president of the United States of American. So, fuck the Republicans especially Ronald Reagan,  B Actor, B President, you probably got black mailed in the men’s locker room. And of course, the Bushes, who joined Reagan’s Gym after they heard of all the black balling.

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Well, I’m not like those people. I don’t want to sell you a few insights, than sell them to yeah, I want to condense as many insights in as possible, cutting back the fat and getting straight to the bulls eye. I’m more of a Spiritualist Techno Anarchist, which is a fusion of the Technoarchies of men like Jacque Fresco and Nikola Tesla with the Spiritual Religious aspects of men like Rudolph Steiner and the Theo Humanism of Thomas Moore.

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Jacque Fresco, Photograph taken from  Wikipedia. Yeah, I stole a Photo off Wikipedia. Can you blame me? I’ve already put up the second mortgage on my homepage.

I believe in a highly technologically advanced society that’s main function is too enlighten the individual and serve mankind, instead of the traditional masters and slaves of the radical right wing. We’ll become masters of our own destinies, slaves only to our own creations. So, which would you rather be? The Slave Master or the master slave; the useful servant to mankind that dies poor but worked hard and left a rich legacy from his creations, or the useless master who used everyone, died lazy  and left nothing of value to his children?

This is the radical left. We believe in true democracy, individual freedom, human rights, hard work and taking action in the name of justice for all of mankind; and to engineer badass shit that improves all life on this planet. And, that’s my political stance. A super advanced society free of corporate kings,  intellectual tyrants, political leaders and economic slave wage masters. Keeping that spirit alive forever because it is who we are as a species. And so that’s when I went to the store and traded in my hammer and sickle for a paint brush and fountain pen. I’d like to thank the works of Noam Chomsky, who I criticized in a previous post; but who I still have appreciation for his work, he claims to be an Anarchist and has been a major influence on my political frame work. Thanks!

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