Smart Phones should ban Stupid People

6de65b93e61b44acc1a1257676d95721I read somewhere that smart phones have more computing power than the Apollo 11 shuttle landing on the moon. Yet, I can’t find a decent GPS app for my phone- “Take a left into Lake Michigan”.

“The closest this generation will come to launching a rocket on the moon is Dick pics to Russian spammers.”- Guy Jay

Then you’ve got those adolescent crybabies who stand around with their phone in their hand, pushing my buttons. I begin to think. What are their kids going to be like?

“I fear a future run by emotionless robots- but enough about the smartphone generation.”- Guy Jay

They need to come out with an App that measures Smart Phone users stupidity factor. Every time you listen to pop music, the meter goes up into your forced to listen to classical music.

“I’m writing the first text message novella. It’s five thousand words written completely in acronyms”. – Guy Jay


6 thoughts on “Smart Phones should ban Stupid People

    1. Yeah. Memorization has drastically decreased because of Smart phones.

      Plus, people use them for things like remedial texting and annoying selfies.

      Whatever happened to communication where people actually learned something about each other or the world around them?

  1. Got a new phone a couple months ago. I can not find the voice mail. Each phone is different. I found a couple old flip phones 2days ago cleaning out my desk. It made calls and took pictures and didn’t have a half dozen buttons along the sides right where I hold it. Sometimes all you want is a phone that doesn’t have an inch thick manual. Sigh. .

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