When will we rap? (it up)

What happened African American Culture? You used to be the shit. Jazz was like the Mount Everest of Music. You blew away white music, come on, Marching Band music? That’s the lamest shit ever.

Do you see rap being taught in College? Nope. Classical and Jazz.

That’s because Rap is like the country music of black culture. Yup. I said it.

In the beginning. Rap was a revolution. It painted the reality of life. Then- it became a marketing gimmick for suburban white misogynists- which is strange because that’s what country music used to be.

And, the Music Industry is all messed up. They expect you to dedicate your life to the craft, spend all your time mastering it, spend all your money to promote yourself, sell your soul to Satan- and then, maybe, with mass market appeal, the executives will own you and all of your music.

Wow. Do you want me too whip myself while I’m at it? My name is Def Jam. No, it’s Sony! My name is Def Jam. No, it’s Sony boy!

And what is with all these Rappers having past lives. I don’t even get to live in the present. Why do you get to live two lives when my family and country denies me one. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.


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