Heart Sinks at Sea

For the timeless limited experiences.

Of a life at sea.

My cold icy heart melted.

When you stood beside me.
Oh! How our love was like the mighty sea.

A vast and clamming ocean.

As life seemed to stand still.

Our hearts floating on our emotions.
But now that those moments are lost.

My heart sinks like a sunken ship.

A treasure lost to the abyss.

But as this hearts nautical captain.
I travel the high tides and strong winds.

Alone with my crew and my sexton.

Where we travel the great unknown.

Oh! How the days turn into darkness.
Sunless days spent in deep depression.

From the heartache of long lost love.

Oh! How I’ve never felt so alone.

As my sadness leads to madness.
My tears forever imbued to the waters.

The pain becomes the perfect storm.

Oh! How I’ve lost my soul to this hurricane.

As the memories still remain.


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