2018 Update: No More Open the Vox, no More Blogs or Websites by Writer Jordan Dumer

I decided. No more blogs or websites. I’m taking a long break from the internet and have no intention of returning. I’ll be focusing on writing stories and publishing my collections into books- but no more blogs- ever. I’ve exhausted way too much energy into a project that has proven fruitless.

I’ve been writing short stories that I plan to workshop before trying to get them published. I otherwise plan to edit my blog posts into separate collections before releasing to the general public.

I’d also like to apologize to any of those I offended. I’m not sorry that I offended you, but I am sorry that you were offended.


One thought on “2018 Update: No More Open the Vox, no More Blogs or Websites by Writer Jordan Dumer

  1. Jordan Dumer says:

    I don’t trust the internet. The internet has become to much based on their leaders tastes and doesn’t reflect that of the average reader. I don’t trust Google, WordPress, Facebook, extc. Call me a Conspiracy Theorist but Google alone was been caught suppressing information on their blogs. I see it as the Silicone Valley Degenerates trying to propagate the world with their one sided Liberal Agenda which kinda reminds me of the French Reign of Terror when the Intelligentsia murdered thousands of innocent people who didn’t want to become secular Atheists. It’s amazing how quick intellectual leaders turn to elitism when they get a little taste of power. You think with all their money and knowledge they would be able to see through it but I guess, in some cases, when peoples egos are involved, the answer is far more complex.

    I also don’t like a lot of the Liberal messages now days, I think they twisted free rights and have done a lot suppress Freedom of Speech. I think their views on human sexuality are depraved and encourage not healthy sexual exploration and relationship skills, but exploitation and abuse. I will never forget the web article that talked about how using women with daddy issues was a good thing. I think such justification is unsympathetic to the understanding to the suffering of others.

    But I’m also not a conservative, I’m Theo Humanistic Techno Anarchist. Try to figure it out because I can’t. But that’s the point. It’s not a solid position, it’s fluidity, and that’s the kind of transparency I am after when it comes to politics. Why should I care where you fall on the scale? What about underneath? Are you weak or are you Emotionally, Physically, Financially and Intellectually Strong? That’s what matters. Not what titles you place on yourself or others.

    Enough about politics. I plan to stick mostly with fiction. I got a bunch of stuff too organize and about twenty ideas for books, so I’m good for at least the next thirty years. I hope you all the best of luck and may someday, we cross paths in life, and together learn, share, grow, and love as one, all man, for now and forever. God bless us all.

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