The Spiritual Tools behind Nostradamus’ Writing


“And how should I spin this letter so the Royal family thinks that the Philosoper’s Stone is an actual way to turn led into Gold; without revealing it as a spiritual method for self growth and social improvement based on the world around us?” is the kind of thing Nostradamus would have been thinking writing in the  method shown above.

I find it fascinating that one of the trendiest Authors in the history of Literature is still the Seer, Occult Scientist and Poet Nostradamus.

Nostradamus acquired notoriety for his knowledge of Alchemy and for his ability to predict the future that lead him to powerful connections obviously still as powerful today as the day Nostradamus worked for their elite circles.

But how did Nostradamus write his Prophesies? This man: more mystic than rational intellectual? One must look at the world of the Occult for answers.

I was researching famous Psychedelic Writers like Hunter Thompson & Aldous Huxley  when I came across the video game Nostrodamus: The Last Prophecy where they mention Mandrake Root.

I’ve read in Herbal books that Mandrake would cause Madness in large doses. I don’t think madness would have been the affect Nostradamus was looking for when one looks at the clarity of his Quatrains.

But’s article on Mandrake Root reveals an important key to all of this. One of the many mysterious uses of Mandrake Root Tea was to prevent demonic or spiritual possession.

This is interesting because I’ve also read and seen on countless History Channel Documentaries that Nostradamus would stare into a bowl of Fresh Pure Water. A technique long used by occultists world wide since Ancient times for summoning forth otherworldly entitie, like the  Youtube video titled: The Magick of Solomon: Lemegeton Revealed  that discusses in full detail the origins, rituals and practices behind the Occult Science of summoning entities.


Replica Statue from Greek Antiquity of a Solomon Magick Ritual that would involve a Black Mirror

In the Magick of Solomon, initiates must remain Chaste for one month and each month they must build a bond with one of the angels of the Four Corners: Ariel, Raphael, Micheal; and I forget the last one-ael.

They focus their time and energy on worship and spiritual devotion until they become enlightened enough to become an aspect of that angel.

And only then are the initiates ready to use the black mirror. A device used to summon forth the very demons of hell for knowledge and for service. With the protection of the four angels and proper treatment; these forces can then be harnessed for good services and self growth.

They achieve this by standing within a magic circle holding a candle to focus and channel the demon; and a knife for protection; and for dispelling the summoning.

The Fascinating thing about water is that it acts naturally as a crystal ball during the day and as a black mirror by night; and the beauty and horror of his predictions might have been a reflection of the time of day itself.

Now however Nostradamus applied these various techniques is up to speculation. The 20th Century Prophet Edgar Cayce used self hypnosis and selfless intention when tapping into his predictions and prophecies.

Rumor has it that Issac Newton burnt his brain out on drugs during his alchemical experiments. The Hashishian Brotherhood would smoke hash during their rituals.The idea of Mandrake or even psychedelics in general, is not out of the question.

The Pythagorean Brotherhood practiced chastity for one month before initiation into the brotherhood.The idea of the focus of religious devotion for months on end before tackling the darkest of prophecies is also not out of the question when dealing with the techniques applied during the writing process behind Michael Nostradamus’  surviving work; after all he was a Professional Seer with powerful connections; and access to the worlds best resources to strengthen his career as a Seer and Occult Scientist.

And so The Techniques behind Nostradamus’ Mystical Writings remains a mystery; because you’re missing the point. It’s about finding what works best for you as a writer and spiritual person. These techniques above are only a few available to your disposal. What and how Nostradamus applied them was unique because Nostradamus, like everyone, is a unique individual whose career depended on finding better and more efficient methods for acquiring the best results. ea8e9ff77d5d1332ef85b4eded4b28953aa4f64b

So like Nostradamus, we all can benefit from these practices if we take the time to learn and understand them, and apply them to our day to day lives; including you the reader and writer.

For more questions about Mysticism and mystical teachings; feel free to comment below. Thank You.

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