Floating on an Ocean of Our Emotions

Our minds are deep,

tidal waves of emotion.

Finding it hard to navigate,

this vast and turbulent ocean.

In little canoes, we float,

becoming one with the flow.

Sometimes we put our guards down,

while we head into the perfect storm.

Where we’re tossed into the ebb,

while the boat begins sinking.

Left now in the shallows,

of the vast violent ocean.

Unable now to drift,

sinking into the caverns of the abyss.

Where live the fiendish Kraken,

always lurking around the corner.

So hurry quickly to the skies,

before your swallowed alive.

Reaching for the horizon,

floating now on your emotions.

Keeping your head above the water,

slowly picking up the driftwood.

Craft yourself a new canoe,

to paddle off anew.

While remembering to take a deep breath,

as you drift off into the sunset.


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