Why do we call them relationships when most of us can hardly them keep afloat? I think that’s weird. Shouldn’t we start calling them relationcapsized? Or what about when you fuck up a current relationship to cheat with an ex, shouldn’t we start calling those relationghostships?

Everyone talks about relationships but never the relationsunks. We feel good when we hear that another dingy got swallowed alive. But when the Titanic’s of the relationship world hits ice and disappear out of nowhere. We all burn candles and tell stories about how we thought they would make it.

I call family I haven’t heard from in years and start telling them the situation- send then links to the couples homepage- I hear she’s single. I like to slip it in my day to day conversation. Their failures become the metaphor in many of my stories. You know. Somebody has to shine some light on this subject and it might as well be me.


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