Stranger in a Dream Land

tumblr_nm2guimZM91tzp6sfo1_500Shortly after that books disappearance. I began to hear voices. As if, supernatural forces were trying to speak to me. I remember one dream where I was face to face with a strange sentinel being.  It took me for surprise. Because, this fantastic person carried the knowledge and wisdom of ten men inside a living body that couldn’t have been bigger than  that of a number 2 pencil.

I remember, it spoke fluently in a language outside my level of understanding. Its tiny mouth surprisingly muscular with jaw bones chiseled  into a near perfect isosceles triangle. The words it spoke were surprisingly  well articulated but meaningless without proper interpretation. I simply watched, trying to understand.

Than it stopped, reached over and touched my forehead. I woke up only vaguely remembering this dream. But, than the voices disappeared. So, I wrote it off as a bad dream and went on being a kid.  I was young and naïve. I had neglected omens significance. It would become a mistake I would later regret.

I did acquire to a small degree, a level of extra sensory perception after this experience. Once, I stared at a light socket in my room. I imagined it starting on fire. Without a second thought, it started a fire that nearly burned the house down. I lost a lot of memories in that fire.

But, I did find buried under an old painting of a crying child. The book in the corner perfectly preserved. Its musty pages barely singed.


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