Deep Diver

As I dive deeper into the abyss.

I come upon hidden secrets in lost chasms.

For I have dove where few wish to dwell.

That I begin wondering if I’m drowning?

For no one seems to care about the treasures I seem to surface.

That I begin to sink deeper into despair.

But you will keep your white lies and false prophets.

Follow the herd that feeds you only kernels of the truth.

For a grain of truth is useless in a field of lies.

Especially when one has dove the very oceans floor for answers.

That your land locked clich├ęs seemed to grow from dirt.

The suspicions grown from the seeds of bad apples.

That I must swim or sink.

For I dive for questions.

With no drive for answers.

The ocean becomes my cup.

I sip for knowledge.

I drink for truth.

To quench my thirst.

My mind is parched.

I seek hydration.


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