Haunted by the Living


“Man, Louie would love to meet some ghosts”. We sat quietly to hear his outlandish exclamation as to why he would love to encounter a specter.”Ole Louie always wanted to meet those wandering bastards. I wanna know how they do it! Because, when I come back Ole Louie’s gonna wanna haunt some hot college slutty’s”. You know, watch over them like an angel. “Yeah” I replied. “When, their showering”.


3 thoughts on “Haunted by the Living

    1. Thank you very much! This is only one of the jokes I placed into my short story- UnNeighborly Ghosts. Regardless, I’m happy you enjoyed this silly little ditty! Have a great day!

  1. The story UnNeighborly Ghosts is based on stories I’ve heard throughout my life from friends and family. I try to keep it as true as possible. The Louie character in this quick sketch is based on an actual person I know. I tried my hardest to stay within that voice as much as possible.

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