Joke of the Day, The Stupidity of Hard Work

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was proving to myself that I’m a hard worker. I should have been lazy. I could have been an office jockey or a McManager by now. Hard work is a bad idea in the corporate world like being honest during a job interview. I was honest during a job interview once. It made the lady trying to get me the job look bad. I guess things like hopes and dreams and aspirations aren’t allowed anymore.

I once said to a friends mom that “it was Confucius who once said a man has a hobby to pass the time and stress of working all day. But a man who makes a career out of his hobby never works a day in his life”. She said “that’s great but that’s not how things work”. Which is an encouraging life lesson coming from a woman whose parents helped finance her business.

My father is the same way. I once asked him if he wanted to invest in my writings. He scoffed. I asked why? He said “because I don’t see any returns out of it”. A great Philosophy from somebody whose parents financed his business.

And for a man who has never even read one of my posts. He had the audacity to tell me to start censoring myself. Dude. Really? I’m a Independent Writer. The only luxury I have is lack of censorship. I find it insulting that someone who runs from responsibility like Harrison Ford in the Fugitive has even the audacity to suggest this in the first place.

The worst part is I go to work and deal with the same kinds of people everyday. It’s a bunch of bosses and like three people trying to mind their own business that the rest try to get fired. I happen to be one of those three people. I don’t mean to make you look bad. We all go through those mental stages; and a rare few have the ability to transcend beyond even those.


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