Joke of the Day, Chocolate and Coffee

My two favorite things are everyone’s two favorite things- milk and sugar. Because let’s face it, nobody with the exception of me, like their chocolate like they like their coffee, dark and bitter like today’s Comedians.

I love Mocha, the best thing ever. But without some cream and sugar, it’s like drinking a radish. I call it liquid potato.

I wonder what would happen if we started facing worldwide chocolate and coffee shortages? I don’t think our military is strong enough to juggle a war between Isis and Iced Coffee.

Joke of the Day, What is a Witch?

I think a witch is a woman who thinks for herself. Look at Joan of Arc. The big joke about the French is that they run from battle. Except for Joan of Arc. A strong bold woman driven by invisible voices who compelled her to do what she felt was good. It caused the British soldiers to run for their lives. That’s when she was put on trial for Witchcraft. The Intelligensia couldn’t accept that a woman put her own Internal beliefs before their Authoritative Penis. And so they placed her on top of the Pope’s flaming pillar of fags and tossed the torch. And because Joan of Arc didn’t sell out like to the church. Her name remains household and the priests who put her on trial remain obscure to all but a few scholars. The moral of this story? Don’t sell out. Even if it costs you your life.


Joke of the Day, Books or Family?

I love books. Is it weird that I love books more than my own family? If I had a choice of saving my family or a rare manuscript, I would have to stop and think it through. I mean the book is one of a kind with information that could lead to mankind’s salvation. But my family- they’re they ones who taught me that their right and I’m wrong. It becomes an ethical dilemma. But at least I’ll something to read while I wait for help to arrive.

Joke of the Day, Everyday is Earth Day but Really It’s Tomorrow

We have a day named after the sun. Sure the sun is awesome but only the Earth once a year during a fake holiday.

And how we repay the Earth? We shit all over it.



I feel bad for the trees here on earth. They get cut down and sliced into tiny sheets for books that promotes polluting the earth and cutting down the trees.

I find Earth day ridiculous. If we’re so well aware of our wastefulness as a species that we have to dedicate a day for making us feel less at fault for being negligent of the Earth’s valuable natural resources. Shouldn’t maybe, we change our culture?

Nope. Slap a new day in their once a year to keep the hippies from rioting to congress; change nothing and call it progress. Now that’s what I call good public relations!

Is it Strange that I feel that I have Fewer Rights Now then during my Childhood?

I’m very backward. Take for example my frustration with the fact that kids, corporations, and Computers have more rights than I do.

Did you know it’s illegal to buy a computer, open it up and make it better? It’s perfectly Ok for your bosses computer to open up and fuck with your programming all day every day to try to make you faster but the other way around?

Or take how when I was in high school, they passed a law in Wisconsin where parents would be held accountable for their kid’s truancy.

So now we’re going to give these kids the responsibilities wavered from a prince by passing it off to the whipping boy? It’s not every parent’s fault their kids decided to become your run of the mill sociopath.

I mean. If the kids a loser than the kids a loser. Why drag the whole family down? I mean your kids a low life. Isn’t that punishment enough?

Now you have to take the whole household down because of your fucked up laws put into play by people who don’t even have kids.

Parents going to jail because their son escaped from juvenile prison as the lucky mothers scream monsters at the feral one’s decent parents.

All the kid’s siblings put into foster care hoping they don’t get caught up with a family whose father figure has the eyes of a wolf.

So now the whole families fucked. The parents can’t find a decent job and get hung up on heroin. The kids end up working dead end jobs and maybe work their way up to assistant manager at a Barnes and Nobel, I said maybe.

This is a tough job market. I don’t just blame the foreigners. I blame the corporations for hiring them. JK. Their cheap and know six languages. I’m cheap and only know one.

I blame the education system. The modern school will be nothing but work out benches with children wearing matching wife beaters and orange jumpers with teachers carrying a piece in their fanny pack.

I feel bad for teachers. Their bosses sold out to the corporations like every other institution. The only future in Education is Administration and Football. My teachers were mad that they were forced to give us corporate testing. I mean why else do you become a teacher besides to fight the machine? Speaking of the machine.

I especially dislike how the corporations are never held responsible. They fire the CEO and hire a new guy and everyone pretends that everything is different. Do you think some of these CEO’s wanna do the evil things they do? They have bosses too you know, a whole table of them. And really at that point, you have two choices: play along or lose everything because you know too much. I’m not saying that makes it OK, you have no one to blame but yourself for putting you in this situation.

I’m just saying why stop at the CEO? Why not fire the majority stock holders? Or how about beheading the King on his Burger throne; and give the money back to the lives he destroyed with those creepy commercials. Is that too much to ask for?

Writers Censored


I heard their making a book censorship app. So, now people can read their favorite offensive classics without the worry of having their beliefs challenged. Nietzsche’s work will now challenge the author with the revelation “is God Dead?”

So I bought the app and tested it out. I was shocked to find that it had no effect on my PDF copy of “Mein Kampf”. And why do I have a copy of “Mein Kampf”? Because, I enjoy reading Germanic Mythology. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a good comedy.

But this is a deep concern of mine. Instead of book burning in the past. The future will be books re edited until the first editions dissolve out and the original message becomes lost.

Herman Melville’s Masterpiece Moby Dick’s classic opening sentence “Call me Ishmael” will be replaced with, “hey look, Long John Silvers next to a Popeye’s; but you can call me Ishmael, just don’t me later to all you can eat popcorn shrimp and fried chicken”.

This is why I’m a strong advocate for the preservation and digital documentations of first editions of all works; to remain true to the writer and the times they lived in.

I recently read the revised thirty year edition of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451; where he spoke of having to go back and revise the book back to his original vision. We no longer have that luxury with Bradbury’s work.

This is why we need to keep libraries strong! We must take it upon ourselves to preserve this information in its purest form for future generations to come.

What are you thoughts? Please feel free to share your concerns. Thank you.

About the Author


My name is Jordan Dumer. It means: one who descends down river that lives on or near a hill; but you can all me Jodan Dasu Yo or Jordan Dasu instead. It means Just Kidding in Japanese; and is far more interesting then my birth name…boring… it should have been something awesome like Juan Don Doomersmith.

Oh, I’m a Writer & Musician in case your wondering. I create my art in the following formats: Poetry, Essay, Article, Comedy & Fiction.

I would like to warn you that  little to no interest in things like: what sex you are, you’re sexual Orientation is, Your Race, Your Creed, Your Social Status, Your Political Affiliations, or Your concept of God. This is a level playing field.

I’m trying to shine a light on higher subjects that helps build deeper connections within your mind and soul; so that you can use some of these teachings to improve upon your life not matter who you are and where you come from.

Quantum Rhinoplasty my friends with a pinch of Magic (Work in Progress). More simply, I grow everyday, learn from my mistakes; and above all, try my best.

I have a lot of special interests. The profane bores me. I have to be intellectually challenged. Infusing humor with life’s more challenging topics like:

Consciousness, Spirituality, Religion, Sexuality, Government, Politics, Science, Technology, Mathematics, History, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, Fine Arts, Poetry, Symbolism, Music Theory, The Occult and Language.

It should be of no surprise that my two favorite genres are Science Fiction and Supernatural Horror.

But I have a special interest in, Personal Sovereignty (the God given right to have Authority over ourselves and our impact on the world around us).

My influences span far and deep:

Japanese Culture, Russian and British Literature, Spanish and Italian Art, Ancient Egyptian History, Art Film, the Great Polymaths and Technical Death Metal are but a few; and let’s not forget about Classical Greece, The Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Spiritualist Movement.

I give great respects to the masters who have influenced my work: Rudolf Steiner, Johannes von Goethe, William Blake, Benjamin Franklin, Francois Bacon, Pythagoras, Confucius, Minamoto Musashi, Plato, Manly P. Hall, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, George Melies, Issac Asimov, William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Orson Welles, H P Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Leonardo di Vinci.

This doesn’t include the long list of Comedy and Humorists who have influenced my work: Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Adam Douglas and Ray Bradbury; the stand up of George Carlin, Joe Rogan and Bill Hicks; and movies like the Marx Brothers Duck Soup, Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles and  Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

And the list not only goes on. It keeps growing. So keep reading . Or send your thoughts and influences my way. I’m always open to ideas. Thank you.


Jordan Dasu