Ten Hacks on How to Live Independently

If you wanna change the world: become that change. Start small. Start with the self. The problem with the past is the majority have become dependent on individuals and organizations to take care of us. We need to start with taking care of ourselves. It is our civil responsibility to take care of ourselves, our legacy and what it is we have to offer to humanity. We must set the example for future generations by showing the elite Authority of this world that we can be just as sophisticated without them. So, take that Main Stream America with your fancy pills and your propaganda. Let’s show this life that we don’t need leaders. We can lead ourselves and build our own lives by following our own hearts. So, here’s a list of some things we can do to become more independent.

  1. Be Yourself. If you like knitting sweaters to the soothing sounds of Gangsta Rap, than do it. Embrace your inner weirdness. Contribute in the creation of your own Utopia. Start  your own business. Start your own press. Write your own books and self publish them. Create art and sell it online. Craft high quality goods and sell them online. Start your own non profit organizations. Start your own political party. Start your own religion. Build your own house. Be your own Contractor. Grow your own food. Make your own clothes. Create your own ideas. Travel the world and report about it so the truth can get out there even if that means having to dodge the Israelite Special Rape Forc, from being pinned downed into a state authorized full body inspection. Don’t even let that stop you however I would suggest watching your back in Isreal.
  2. Be Your own Bank. Spend less money on things you don’t need. Don’t fall into debt. Invest your money wisely. Invest in markets, local markets especially, and in more than just the banks. Store cash away. Start a hedge fund. Invest in precious metals like silver, gold and platinum; and in precious minerals like Diamonds, crystals and pearls. I would also suggest not telling the government what kind of assets you really have because they might want to dip their fingers in the treasure chest and it’s about protecting your assets not theirs. And if you make money under the counter than invest it under the counter.
  3. Be Your Own Farmer. Buy less at corporate grocery stores. Buy more at local stores and local farmers markets. Stay away from GMO’s, fertilizers and other chemicals in your food. Buy only natural organic food using only natural organic methods. Better yet, grow your own cash crops using only the safest and healthiest methods for producing the best crops. And if Monsanto tries shutting down illegal growing operation by force than it’s time to convert those military grade fully automatic Seed spreaders the military gave to Isis Farmers into weapons we can use to protect ourselves against the hoards of Monsanto lawyers and the ancient gnomes they seek to preserve.  Raise your own livestock like cows, chickens, ostriches, bees, fish and goats; and give them only organic feed. But again, be careful, because the GMO seed ridden Elite will come in- rape your live stock- and sue for the patent infringing of their unnatural inferior offspring.  Watch the Documentary Seeds of Death and others to learn what’s really going on in world Agriculture.
  4. Be Your Own Teacher. Do your own research. Be open to new and alternative ideas. Watch alternative news. Listen to independent music. Watch more documentaries. Read more books. Question everything. Question authority especially those in high positions of power.  Question everyone’s motives and intentions especially your own.  Ask more questions and seek your own answers. Find your own connections. Learn from the best. Take free college courses. Take a class at a time. Learn to become an Architect, a Scientist and Engineer on your own; making the necessary breakthroughs without the dependence of external funding. Protect the mind by learning things like subliminal messages, mind control, hypnosis and propaganda. We need to break into the Vatican, Smithsonian and the Temple of Solomon; and burn all the forbidden knowledge onto the Wiki Links web page. A first ever complete translation of The Emerald Tablets; who would have ever Thoth of that?
  5. Be Your Own Body Guard. Take martial arts and other forms of self defense. Buy a gun for protection and properly learn to use it. Practice hand to hand combat and weapons training until it becomes natural. Stand up for your rights when you feel they have been violated. The individual has the right to protect themselves against any hostile threat including authority. Like how I have the right to bitch slap Trump if he ever decided to pull out his staff and ask me to touch his pillar of the community. Which is why I feel the right to own a gun  is important; but also, because the second amendment is the second step after telling the Latter Day Saints to politely get the fuck off your property.
  6. Be Your own Government. Own property, buy an island if you can, and annex yourself from all outside forms of ruler ship. Express that right to self governance within the individuals home. Be your own politician based on the political structure of the home, and fight to preserve those rights. Be your own lawyer. Learn about the laws. Be as professional as any professional, and learn from experience. Lobby to only take away the rights of the governments, the lawyers, the judges, the politicians, the police, the military, the banks and the corporations.
  7. Be Your Own Corporation. Make and sell your own products. Protect your own intellectual property. Make connections with, work with and make investments with only like minded individuals, small businesses, small non profit organizations and small corporations into an agreement that only benefits those directly involved. Freelance your work out to corporations with a contract that suites the needs of both parties.
  8. Be Your Own Doctor. Keep away from the doctors especially the corporate doctors who only want to sell you drugs. Stay away from pharmaceuticals, use natural plants whenever possible. Stay away from mainstream medicine. Try alternative forms of medicine even if they are illegal or involve traveling out of the country before trying something you don’t feel comfortable doing like zapping the body with radiation. But, also, stay away from any Bill Gates miracle treatments involving his poop water. Instead, read medical books & medical journals. Be do up to date, that even Doctor Oz  will roll over in his coffin as he waits for the sun to set.I would go as far as learning to perform surgery on your own, not the easiest task, but hey, why limit yourself?
  9. Be your own Messiah, or Priest, or Prophet, or ascended Master, Mystic, whatever. Learn from many religions, myths, spiritual teachings and philosophies. Learn from the great teachers like Buddha, Christ, Pythagoras and others. Study many different philosophies and alternative forms of faith. Study the occult. Find your own calling. Follow your own spiritual path.
  10. Be Your Own Economy. Buy only high quality goods from small businesses and independent hand made goods. Do your research on all products. Write a view on both good and bad products. Blow the whistle on snake oil salesman; but also give praise for the good products and businesses. Fight against large corporate control; especially when it infringes on the rights of independent forms of labor and economic growth. Make a private boycott of all goods and products you deem unsafe, useless, or created by competitors who infringe on the rights of the independent free market.


I’d Make a Better Husband than a Founding Father


If I ever became president, my head would be cut off at Mount Rushmore and strung from Washington’s nose like a Boggier. I would be too nice. I think Old Abe would be respectful; but Teddy Roosevelt would whisper under his breadth about how his stick was bigger.

I would wave at Thomas Jefferson as he wrote Liberty and Justice for all using one of his slaves’ back as a table. He’d get aggressive at my consideration for his personal well being and he’d end up stabbing several holes into the document with his quill pen.

I’d wave good mourning and probably get the stink eye from George Washington as he stumbled out of one of his brothels.

I’d have to marry an ugly woman, to keep the house of representatives from trying to build a revolving door around my wife.

I’d be committed only to my wife, loyal and humble towards what this life provided and try to live a life in peace and harmony with nature. Paul Revere would ride through the countryside claiming that I’m gay until I took him to court for defamation of character. I’d protest my Androgyny claiming that anything besides balance is homosexuality before running off to claim my innocence with Paul Reveres wife.

I guess you could say, I’m kinda like the Hindu God Shiva. I’m mostly easy going- relax, playing some sitar and enjoying the bliss of divine wisdom- until- somebody tries to take advantage of my kindness or use it as a weakness- than I go all Bodishivata before knocking Ben’s bifocals off his face. But more likely, I’d cross his path and taste his glove after wishing him a good mourning.

I’d be in a dual too the death after being pressured by Samuel Adams and John Hancock to drink some beers and smoke some of their homegrown Cannabis- than get sent off into the line of fire with a dissembled pistol and a damn near fresh empty jug of homemade moonshine and opium peach cider.

If I was lucky. I would be kept hidden in the past, left in the shadows from the Rock Star Founding Fathers. I’d still be a bad ass. I simply wouldn’t get any credit for it. I’d talk about trying something new- have my ideas spun into negatives- and forced to stand in the corner facing the wall with my dunce cap.

Joke of the Day, Space Force One Part 3

The delegates for this congressional hearing will be three hundred PHD level college dropouts hash tagging it out with the crystal skulls over the rules of the great dialogue. They’ll live in an underground city pushed to work hard grueling hours for little pay to do what they do best for the good of humanity.

The Legislative branch wouldn’t even exist in the traditional sense. Democracy will be replaced with Technoarchy after quantum computers develop Super Consciousness. These enlightened algorithms will have their own private banking system, own every cooperation and manage the entire infrastructure.

For amusement, they’ll let the humans vote for civil laws like carrying the latest model Nano Steel Katana in public; but allow the individual to withdraw their vote at any time. The computers like to keep the cops on their toes with the day to day changes until the general public realizes somethings are pointless.

10 Ways to Succeed as a Hard Worker

images (3)I’ve done hard labor my entire life. No, I’ve never been to prison or jail or even arrested. My father owned a successful roofing business. Was it nepotism? No. I had to start at the bottom and work my way up. I became a valuable member of the team. I didn’t receive any special treatment and didn’t expect any in return. Here’s what I’ve learned from over tens years as a laborer.

  1. Keep your eyes on the work and not on watch. Yes, the work is hard. Nobody wants to do back-breaking labor for the compensation. The pay is low nowadays- fewer skills means less money. But, dragging your butt on the job makes the hours seem like days. If you keep working hard, the hours seem like minutes. Do it, make your money and someday become a big time hot.
  2. Look at it as a paid workout. Why pay big bucks for a gym membership when you could get paid for a well-rounded workout? Labor is good for the body. It helps pump blood through your body especially oxygen through that beautiful mind. That way you can now more clearly think over your plan to get out of this situation.
  3. It builds character. When you work hard and do a good job. You feel accomplished at the end of the day. It toughens you up and helps you grow as a person. We all have to start somewhere, so look at it as an opportunity instead of as a burden. Besides, it’s literally good for the heart. It’s also good for the part of your brain that’s hardened to disappointment.
  4. Respect comes from hard work. Nobody likes a lazy employee. Even if this is only a temporary position, take the benefits granted from hard work with you to every other job. Bosses love hard workers. Granted, you’ll become the one they’ll learn to depend on. Yet, that’s job security and that’s important later on down the road when you start building a family. Just don’t let your boss know how hard you actually work.
  5. It strengthens connections. You’ll gain lifelong friends along the way. Good people are found in all sectors of society. Being a hard worker always sticks. Having that trait makes you a valuable asset to any company. Don’t burn those bridges, you might find yourself needing that job later in life. It’s always something to fall back on. And if you become a big time hot shot, buy out their competitors and steal their workforce. That’s how a Japanese businessman exacts his revenge- and Wal-Mart.
  6. Skills develop naturally from exposure. Take even the most basic factory job. You’ll eventually learn how to use a forklift, you’ll see how the foreman does his job, etc. These skills will come to you once you learn your tasks well enough to absorb the duties of the other positions around you. This is true for any job or career. Just don’t let the foreman know you’re getting observant enough to do his job. Buy him alcohol for a present and let nature take care of the rest.
  7. Acquire a positive attitude. Be the best at everything you do in life even it’s scrubbing toilets for a living. By remaining positive, better opportunities will come your way. People catch onto that. You’ll become the one they go to when they need work to be done right. It builds trust and makes you valuable as an employee. Be positive but also an asshole or people will think you’re weak and will walk all over you. It’s a difficult balance to maintain especially on the road.
  8. Be the solution, not the problem. Being negative only places stress on yourself and the people around you. Try to make the situation better for everyone. Be the role model that leads by example. It’ll make the other workers around you try harder. Friendly competition goes along way, encourage others and they’ll be content with their work as well. This usually works best when working around women, men usually want to play mind games until they see which one will submit to the other. I prefer working with women.
  9. What you know now, benefits you later. Even if you go on to do something else, you can always take what you’ve learned and use it to make extra money. Maybe, a neighbor needs a roof done or a relative needs an extra helping hand. It’s a good way to make extra money on the side. It’s also a good reminder that you’re not a lazy fuck who thinks the world his here to cater to his needs.
  10. You’ll learn to relate to the plight of others. Knowing how it feels to work hard for your money is always a good trait in anybody espically in sales, public relations or customer service. You’re less likely to look down on others when you can put yourself in their shoes. Like why your fat stupid ugly boss is such a dick. You know that guys got issues.

How do you like your Coffee?

wm-frontWhen, people ask me “How I like my coffee?”

I usually respond with one of the following-

  • Black like my people.
  • Black like my metal.
  • Black like my comedy.
  • Black like the faint gleam of light that clouds my mind.

WHAO! That last one got a little toooooo poetic! Sorry, I’ll keep the blackness hidden within the bosom of my soul to myself! AH! I did it again!

I guess what they say is true. “Once you go black. You never go Half & Half”.

So, how do you like your coffee world?