Praise Apollo

All praise Apollo.

Divine Oracular of Delphi.

Patron God of Music and Poetry.

Fond conductor of the Muses’ choir.

You reverberate with light.

Like how sound vibrates off the lyre.

For this we praise your wisdom.

Master of knowledge and medicine.

May you protect us from the plagues.

In your name we pray.

Forever and ever.



The Vox Spell

Before I pick up a musical instrument.

Before I start the writing process.

Before I sing the first verse.

Before I recite a poem.

Before I lecture.

Before I speak.

As I listen.
I call on Sarawati to focus my mind.

I call onto Thoth to enchant my words.

I call Fu Hsi to speak through my fingers.

I call forth Hermes to improve my voice.

I call next Apollo to steady my hands.

I call upon Odin to shape my poems.

I call last Enki to lend me his ear.
May you help me with my writings.

May you help my diplomacy.

May you speak to me with reason.

May you help me find my calling.

May you help me develop my voice.

May you send me your messages.

May you teach me the universal language.


In the short lived years of this life,

floating in this vast cosmic sea

Living here on ancient Gia’s,

beautiful green earth

I have come to experience,

many changes & many shifts

Having been swept away,

by the mighty winds of change

On nothing but an inkling,

and a whim

While being pulled into the vacuum,

of shifting polar winds

As it peeled the structured mind,

from its very core foundation

Into the unexplored region,

of yet another paradigm……..

The Vox Spell

I pick up a musical instrument
I start the writing process.
I sing the first verse
I recite a poem
for the times,
I decide to lecture
as I speak,
or as I listen.
I call on Sarawati to focus my mind.
I call onto Thoth to enchant my words.
I call Fu Hsi to speak through my fingers.
I call forth Hermes to improve my voice.
I call next Apollo to steady my hands.
I call upon Odin to shape my poems.
I call last Enki to lend me his ear.

Too help me shape my writings.
Too let me develop my voice.
Too develop my diplomacy.
Too teach me the universal language.
Too speak to me with reason.
Too send me your messages.
Too help me find my calling.

Guardian Gate

On this beautiful summer day.

I look out and see the flowers.

Yellow, orange, blue and violet.

Oh, how such beauty surrounds me.

As I look out towards the sun.

Watching it falling from the earth.

I see the sun shinning off the Shinto shrine.

I think to myself about how-

great spirits must dwell among the leaves.

While inspiration has been ignited-

in the form of two Haiku’s.
“The Guardian gate.

Toji shrine dedicated-

To the Shinto gods”
“Protect us spirits

From the evil entities.

Outside the temple.”

Smart Phones should ban Stupid People

6de65b93e61b44acc1a1257676d95721I read somewhere that smart phones have more computing power than the Apollo 11 shuttle landing on the moon. Yet, I can’t find a decent GPS app for my phone- “Take a left into Lake Michigan”.

“The closest this generation will come to launching a rocket on the moon is Dick pics to Russian spammers.”- Guy Jay

Then you’ve got those adolescent crybabies who stand around with their phone in their hand, pushing my buttons. I begin to think. What are their kids going to be like?

“I fear a future run by emotionless robots- but enough about the smartphone generation.”- Guy Jay

They need to come out with an App that measures Smart Phone users stupidity factor. Every time you listen to pop music, the meter goes up into your forced to listen to classical music.

“I’m writing the first text message novella. It’s five thousand words written completely in acronyms”. – Guy Jay

The Authors Personal Book Shelf

This is the Personal Book Shelf of Jordan Dumer, writer and owner of Open the Vox and Opened Vox Publishing.


Books on Shelf: Great Mysteries of the Unexplained, The Elemental Encyclopedia of the Psychic World, Ritual and Belief, The Sacred Teachings of All Ages, The Hermetica, The I Ching, The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, The Kabbalah, Goethe’s Faust, The Divine Comedy with Illustrations by William Blake, The Complete Prose and Writing of William Blake, Utopia and New Atlantis, Prometheus Rising, Think and Grow Rich, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Comedy Writing Secrets, The Heart of Darkness


Books on Shelf: Mysteries of the Past, Confuscious Analytics, Plato’s Five Great Dialouges, Aristotles Poetics, Beowulf, Think like di Vinci, The Complete Plays of Shakespeare, The Brothers Karamazov, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Kwaidan, Brave New World, The Complete Stories of HP Lovecraft, Night Shift, Books of Blood, Writing Tools, Enlightened Leadership, Who Rules the World?, Stephen King On Writing.


The Best that Money can’t Buy, Theories for Everything, The Oxford History of Music Vol. 1 Ancient and Oriental Music, 1001 Movies You Must See before you Die, The Gaelic Wars, The Complete Kama Sutra, The Last of the Mahicans, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Fahrenheit 451, A Confederacy of Dunces, Falling Up, The Comedy Bible, The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Treasure Island, Poems of Robert Frost   


Ten Totally Insane Famous Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh’s Ear less Self Portrait, 1889 .

He’s all like, I lost it but I’m cool with it.

Salvador Dali’s 1973’s painting- Hitler Masturbating.

If this is Dali’s dreams. I don’t even want to know his nightmares.

Caravaggio’s 1598-1599’s Judith Beheading Holofernes.

He’s all like, “uggh! I’m Dying! Gargle, gargle”. She’s like, I’m trying to concentrate. How rude!

The Ghost of a Flea by William Blake 1819-1820.

This is one of William Blake’s spirit buddies he saw as a kid and painted it years later… I’m thinking that probably wasn’t the best career move.

Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch 1490.

This is what the Middle Ages looked like.

The Witches Sabbath or the Great He-Goat by Francisco Goya, 1819-1823?

Nothing captures day to day life like this painting.

Francis Bacon’s Figure With Meat, 1954.

I don’t know if I should be scared or impressed?

The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch.

download (1)
This is how I feel everyday!

Madonna and Child with Infant Saint John the Baptist by Delcopo Del Selliao 1485


I like how their caught up in their lives as the guy in the background is more interested in the crazy thing floating around in the sky.

Behind the Scenes

We take
& take
for granted
what goes on
behind the scenes
everything is two-faced
more than what it seems
we take it at face
what really
hides beneath
of crafty hands
out to
their beliefs
their eyes
set on
nothing else matters
when it’s time
to feed the beast
to the god
of greed
the masters
of our universe
spread disease
behind the scenes.