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Message from the Voice

April 27, 2017

Society, please forgive me
for what it is I’ve found;
I’ve seen a greater vision
not by sight, but sound
so stop trying to chain me down.

Family, please love me
for whom it is I am
I hear to a different calling
follow a different plan
must follow my vision.

Friends understand me
or what it is I seek
speaks out loudly to me
when awake, asleep
must follow this artistic peak.

Self I know you
what it is I am capable of-
passions tell me to follow love
to overcome the daily drudge
becoming one with God above.

I’m so Alternative, My Beliefs are like the Latin Language- Dead.

April 23, 2017

I’m a very alternative person. I’m so alternative, I have to explain myself. I’m so alternative, my beliefs are like Latin, dead.

Like, take my sexuality- Androgyny. I’m even excommunicated from the Gay and Lesbian community, and they let everybody in, well anyone who knows how to have a good time anyways.

My sexuality is so distorted, the dictionaries had to change its meaning. It used to mean someone who’s personality is a balance between the masculine and feminine aspects of their inner self, in Jungian psychology, the term is Animus, now it just means a dude who looks like a chick. What kind of weak materialistic narrow-minded lack of developed consciousness is that redefinition?

People don’t like the term Androgynous because it’s not concrete enough to suit the needs of the extreme duality of abstractions that clearly define exactly how we’re better than somebody else.

But that’s why I love Androgyny. It doesn’t define anything. It forces you to be creative. It puts the control in your own hands and pushes you to define your own boundaries.

That’s why I’m a Techno-Anarchist. Again, I made this shit up. A ruler less society run by robots here to serve humanity, that’s L Ron Hubbard shit.

Speaking of Ron, I too created my own religion. Then I thought about it, and I didn’t want to be the guy responsible for the next Tom Cruise. So, I abandoned my religion and came to the conclusion that research on the subject is far more engaging than any kind of commitment. That’s how alternative I am.

Plus, I have issues with religion. I think it’s crazy. A group of people huddled together so they can feel superior to someone else because their collectiveness is closer to Nazism than some other group of people’s fucked up beliefs never made sense to me. It’s self-defeating. The purpose of religion is to develop consciousness in a group setting. That’s why Jesus Christ was created, as an icon of spiritual development, a tool to help the individual become more Christ-like in their own lives. It’s not so you can wear a cross pinned to the chest so the rest of world knows you voted for Trump. It’s self-defeating.

Is it weird that I found God and beyond on my own? Is it weird that I believe that all that exists, has or will ever exist comes from Chaos? That all existence is connected by emptiness filled with an invisible element- chaos. Or that their’s a universe far more infinite than our own that is made up of pure light? And that all exists from this light? That all is one, forever, immortal in this moment- except this very belief itself which is kinda exists everywhere but in this moment. It’s kinda just stuck there between the distance past and a far uncertain future.


Druggies are a Strange Breed

April 20, 2017

Druggies are a strange breed of people. I never understood the long-term return from a momentary rush. I think it’s a pretty bad investment.

Like, take the drug crack for example. You spend all this money on a drug that makes you alert and paranoid. You spend most of the night listening to worms crawling in the ground, hoping it’s not the cops.

Heroin is no better. All though I do say it’s got to be the most relaxing descent into hell.

Then you got Meth heads, and those people freak out, hoping to turn their boring ass lives into an episode of breaking bad.

But a druggy, no matter what his drug of choice is, shares one common element. For us rational thinkers, we can all agree that money is a currency used for the exchange of goods and services.

But a druggy is different. A druggy sees money as a drug and drugs as a currency.

So when you borrow money from a druggy and he says he has it. Don’t be upset when he hands you the wrong kind of green.

10 Rumors Everyone should Spread about Bills Hicks

April 14, 2017

To keep the Occult Tradition of Bill Hicks alive. I decided to generate ten rumors I hope you all spread for mirth and good cheer.

  1. Bill Hicks faked his death and now makes a living as a famous Elvis impersonator.
  2. As an infant, his lips were rubbed with honey.
  3. Alex Jones is Bill Hick’s weird alien love child.
  4. Noam Chomsky met Bill Hicks in a dream.
  5. Bill Hicks once shapeshifted into a werewolf and finger banged George Carlin’s wife.
  6. Bill Hicks is known to have shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
  7. Bill was assassinated by alcohol and the Bush family trust fund.
  8. Mitch Hedberg met Bill Hicks on the crossroads.
  9. Muhammad is not the last prophet, Bill Hicks is.
  10. His ghost still haunts Dennis Leary’s jokes.
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