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This is the Personal Book Shelf of Jordan Dumer, writer and owner of Open the Vox and Opened Vox Publishing.



Books on Shelf: Great Mysteries of the Unexplained, The Elemental Encyclopedia of the Psychic World, Ritual and Belief, The Sacred Teachings of All Ages, The Hermetica, The I Ching, The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, The Kabbalah, Goethe’s Faust, The Divine Comedy with Illustrations by William Blake, The Complete Prose and Writing of William Blake, Utopia and New Atlantis, Prometheus Rising, Think and Grow Rich, The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Comedy Writing Secrets, The Heart of Darkness



Books on Shelf: Mysteries of the Past, Confuscious Analytics, Plato’s Five Great Dialouges, Aristotles Poetics, Beowulf, Think like di Vinci, The Complete Plays of Shakespeare, The Brothers Karamazov, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Kwaidan, Brave New World, The Complete Stories of HP Lovecraft, Night Shift, Books of Blood, Writing Tools, Enlightened Leadership, Who Rules the World?, Stephen King On Writing.



The Best that Money can’t Buy, Theories for Everything, The Oxford History of Music Vol. 1 Ancient and Oriental Music, 1001 Movies You Must See before you Die, The Gaelic Wars, The Complete Kama Sutra, The Last of the Mahicans, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Fahrenheit 451, A Confederacy of Dunces, Falling Up, The Comedy Bible, The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Treasure Island, Poems of Robert Frost   


What is Censorship coming too? We Used to burn people at the stake, now we just stone them to poverty with hate mail until their current employer gets them fired.

It’s weird we fight for censorship after being martyred by kings and priests for free speech.

I came across an article on my twitter feed that talks about how outrage mail is pouring in over the stabbing of the Trump-like character in a New York Central Park production of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar. The Twitter feed included a link to a BostonGlobe article

I wrote how this is the probably the most out lash this production has had since Orson Wells’ Mercury Theatre Production back in the ’30s. But the Hitler character portrayed in that production didn’t die although the Fuer was a little butt hurt over the whole idea.

I will admit that out of all the plays produced by Shakespeare that was it a coincidence that the most politically edgy play was performed during the largest presidential witch hunt in American history? Are the Liberal Intellectual Elite trying to say please kill President Trump? If so, that type of mob violence is only going to backfire and force further censorship.

However why don’t conservatives write a play and perform that play showing the positive side to Trump’s character instead of writing hate mail and performing a childlike tantrum? What has this become Right Wing America? Are you now competing with Liberals over whose more easily offended by arts imitation of life? That work of art displays an uncomfortable aspect of reality.

The Liberal Intellectual Elite have pushed too far lately. Where were you when we needed you? During the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George Bush. Where was the witch hunt back then? Why are people taking Trump’s presidency as seriously as a Gilbert Godfrey joke?

The Presidential witch hunt for Donald Trump has pushed our country into chaos. We had our chance with Al Gore but no one put the effort into the corruption behind that campaign. I mean this isn’t even a witch hunt. This is people trying to do to Trump and to the Shakespearean fesbian lesbians what they do to people what Trump does to people all the time on Twitter. It’s a joke worse than any joke Kramer said during a live performance.

Joke of the Day, What is a Witch?

I think a witch is a woman who thinks for herself. Look at Joan of Arc. The big joke about the French is that they run from battle. Except for Joan of Arc. A strong bold woman driven by invisible voices who compelled her to do what she felt was good. It caused the British soldiers to run for their lives. That’s when she was put on trial for Witchcraft. The Intelligensia couldn’t accept that a woman put her own Internal beliefs before their Authoritative Penis. And so they placed her on top of the Pope’s flaming pillar of fags and tossed the torch. And because Joan of Arc didn’t sell out like to the church. Her name remains household and the priests who put her on trial remain obscure to all but a few scholars. The moral of this story? Don’t sell out. Even if it costs you your life.

Ten Totally Insane Famous Paintings

Vincent Van Gogh’s Ear less Self Portrait, 1889 .


He’s all like, I lost it but I’m cool with it.

Salvador Dali’s 1973’s painting- Hitler Masturbating.


If this is Dali’s dreams. I don’t even want to know his nightmares.

Caravaggio’s 1598-1599’s Judith Beheading Holofernes.


He’s all like, “uggh! I’m Dying! Gargle, gargle”. She’s like, I’m trying to concentrate. How rude!

The Ghost of a Flea by William Blake 1819-1820.


This is one of William Blake’s spirit buddies he saw as a kid and painted it years later… I’m thinking that probably wasn’t the best career move.

Temptation of Saint Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch 1490.


This is what the Middle Ages looked like.

The Witches Sabbath or the Great He-Goat by Francisco Goya, 1819-1823?


Nothing captures day to day life like this painting.

Francis Bacon’s Figure With Meat, 1954.


I don’t know if I should be scared or impressed?

The Scream, 1893 by Edvard Munch.

download (1)

This is how I feel everyday!

Madonna and Child with Infant Saint John the Baptist by Delcopo Del Selliao 1485



I like how their caught up in their lives as the guy in the background is more interested in the crazy thing floating around in the sky.

The God Sound- The Endless Cycles of Life and Death

The God sound is all sounds. All sounds come from this source. Every word comes from this source and all words are spells. All languages come from this source which is often a attribute of the creator Gods. Your path in life calls to you if you are willing to listen. This is one of the magical powers of the God Sound. Those, who listen to their conscious have spoken to the God sound.

Yet, all sounds need energy. This energy is life energy. Life energy lives in bursts. The vibrations produced are tiny deaths. The wasted energy of neurological sparks. Yet, the vibrations hold worlds together like a cosmic bass note. The great celestial glue of our existence. It holds together the chaos of the higher frequencies. While intricate, beautiful and complex. These bright tones lack basic structure. Structure is inevitable in the constant ebb and flow of time. Use the Big Bang as an example.

This theory is very similar to many ancient and esoteric belief systems world wide. The vibration of the Big Bang is still expanding like a divine echo. The echo grows fainter as new worlds begin to shape further off in the distance. Maybe, one day our world will crumble apart into a pile of cosmic rubble. The dust becoming the soil of some far off Earth. Drawn to the infant vibrations of a new world.

Yet, that is the endless cycle of life and death. The endless frequencies of life energy exhausted into the timeless vibrations of distant ages. Like music, the musician uses frequency for expression. The beautiful harmonies produced are depictions of life. Yet, even they are anchored down by the bass notes. The vibrations becoming the continuation of the exhausted energy. Then the music stops, lingering only in the air and in the mind.

The God sound goes by many names- Om, Vox, God, Holy Spirit, Christ consciousness. It has been written about in many mystical texts from around the world including the I Ching, The Kabblah and the Hermitic Texts of Hermes Trismegistus. It is a major foundation point of many religions including Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism and Sufism.

The Chinese called it qián which is the fist hexagram of the I Ching. It means force. And, what force isn’t produced without the aid of sound? Or the fact that the I Ching became an important tool of understanding that helped shape Confucianism, Doaism, Taoism and Buddhism.The Gurus of India called it Om. Om is the source of creation, the God Sound. Japanese also worship this God sound and is an important aspect of their traditional belief systems.

The Romans recognized it as Vox. According to Google Translator, the Latin word Vox means many things including voice, tone, expression, cry, speech/language. It means many different things in different languages within the Mediterranean region including message, singing voice and voting. The word Vox holds authority.

The Kabblah speaks of sound as the cause of creation. Again, this is a very oriental belief system. By oriental, I mean the cultures that span from Greece to Japan. These silk road cultures helped to spread ideas shaped by the religions of southern Eurasia and Northern Africa espically the Middle East. Written in the Middle Ages, the Kabblah was influenced by Semitic, Egyptian and Babylonian mysticism. It would serve as a magical foundation for many religious texts especially Judaism.

The Kabblah also served as the foundation of the two of the seven Hermetic principles. According to, “the law of vibration states that all things are in motion or vibrate. This is a scientific fact that is solidified with every new discovery”. also goes on to mention the law of rhythm which states that all things move in tempo. All of life is rise and fall or upstrokes and down strokes. The constant back and forth of the Newtons cradle.

The Hermetic texts influenced the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci’s, the Virtuvian Man is an example of the master Artist and scientists reinvention of a Hermetic Symbol dating back to at least the later half of the middle ages. And it was Cornelius Agrippa after studying the Hermetica, who coined this material as Occult.  It would be the material built upon this foundation which will serve as the ignition for the Scientific revolution and Age of Enlightenment. It seems these ideas never become completely lost but reinvented throughout different eras.

Christianity speaks of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works as a internal consciousness. Your personal guide showing the path of righteousness by connecting you closer to God through the sound is heaven. The God Sound is Consciousness connected through all existence at the speed of light to the tenth power. It is the musical tone of life resonating within the body. All life experiences this musical note of consciousness both externally and internally. Triggering chemicals releasing certain thoughts and feelings. This is why music and words are so powerful. They have the ability to shape your molecular structure and your mood at speeds surpassing the speed of light.

This is little different from the New Age Beliefs which act as a modern extension of the ancient Oriental beliefs. The power of the chakra systems and their connection to the Solfeggio modes of music is an interesting concept. The New Ager’s also speak of the Christ Consciousness which is our connection to the source. It can be described as the feeling of wholeness and deep connection with unified existence.

The Psycho naught Terrance McKenna  once spoke of a DMT trip where he was visited by what he dubbed as Machine Elves. These strange entities have often been sited by others induced by the natural chemical found within the pineal gland. He went on to describe his experience in countless lectures. He said they taught him a new language. It wasn’t a language of words but of shapes and visual forms. By using sound, he was able to practice this language and created physical forms. It was the famous intellectual Goethe who described architecture as “frozen music”.

Today, Theoretical Physicists are the modern gurus of the scientific community. Studying the complex nature of the universe. They’ve began tapping into concepts of infinite universes and multiple dimensions. They’re hard at work unraveling string theory. This idea expresses the thought that beyond atoms are tiny strings tuned to certain frequencies.

Nikola Tesla once said, “The Earth rings like a bell”. This isn’t much different of a concept as the acoustic astronomy studied by the Babylonians and adopted by Pythagoras. They believed that every planet and celestial body radiates a certain pitch or tone. Known as the Harmony of the Spheres, the first civilizations believed that the crossing of these notes created psychological effects on the people of earth.

These early cultures believed that people were tuned to certain spirits, deities and later Gods. The natural world of animals and planets later personified in human form. Native American cultures believed that people were connected to certain animals due to their physical attributes and characteristics. A concept little different from the polytheistic worship of certain Gods because of their attributes and personalities.

These cultures also worship souls. Ideas such as souls, ghosts and other aspects of spirituality are as common around the world as the folklore which has influenced the myths of the major religions. The author, artist and poet William Blake claimed to have seen spirits throughout his life. Greeks called these spirits The Muses. The Muses were believed to be spirits that channeled the message through their work. Many musicians and writers claimed to have been possessed by spirits while writing or performing their music.

Throughout early human development, reincarnation and the idea of an afterlife seem to share a common link world wide. The Egyptian Pharaohs were seen as Gods in human flesh who were given the divine gift of having their soul returned to the source or heaven. Reincarnation acts as a way point for the soul. A constant experiencing of countless lifetimes designed to develop the soul. This belief once practiced by early Christians before the Roman government merged with the church.

Unfortunately, many Christians since the emergence of these two forces have been out of tune with the idea of reincarnation. It has become a pseudo concept practiced by exotic beliefs and new age spiritualists. The idea of living endless hell’s in search of the Holy grail is now lost throughout the ages. Each lifetime a chance to grow, blossom and wither away in an endless cycle of life and death usurped with direct acceptance into heaven.

In many ways, heaven and hell are influenced by the Egyptian’s optimistic return to the universe and the Babylonians pessimistic return to the hellish world of the dead. Life becomes the nurturing grounds. A living hell where the soul clings forever to this world. A consciousness of fear instilled by mankind’s strive for mental control.

Yet, the God sound calls out to those who listen. A universal consciousness where souls return only to be reborn. This God sound is heaven, the collected reality and unified oneness that embraces all existence. Death becomes a split road: an endless struggle where the individual becomes one with existence or struggles through endless lifetimes until they accept the wholeness and become one with all of existence. This is the endless cycles of life and death. Vox Bless.