Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.

The Heart of the Midwest

As, I travel
down the road
I shall express
my experience
which is a feast!

Golden fields of wheat
ready for the harvest;
grey clouds of rain
from yesterdays storms
with blotches of-
red, orange and green
like that of
a Van Gough painting.

And, as I travel down
this long, straight
distant highway
I come across
many farm house islands
floating in a sea
of golden yellow wheat
with their Silo oasis
and big red barns.

I think to myself-
this is,
the heart of the Midwest
the heart of the Midwest
the heart of the Midwest.

I Opened the Vox

Standing here tonight on God’s green earth.
Thinking about death, rebirth.
I stare up at the moon so full
dreaming what existence beholds.

I cry out loud, “why does a creature that can land on the moon?
Have a brain that is so mentally fenced in?”

Its amazing how sounds become shackles.
Wars established at the sound of a noun.
Simple words destroying nouns like verbs.
The dictionary becomes our verbal warlord.

Then again, “I wield only a quill and seal
for the pen is mightier than the sword”.

I’d rather be martyred then censored
when my words speak of truth and wisdom.
I will not be mentally boxed in.
So, I can die in what I lived in.

“That why would a human being ever want to live jack in a boxed in?
when that’s what we’re buried in!”

So, I don’t hesitate without any rhyme or reason.
When, I methodically opened Pandora’s Box with quick precision.
From this curiosity sprang forth a new existence.
That changed my heart, mind and soul with its perfect rhythm.

So, now I must pray. – “I thank you, my soundly God the Great Vox.
For opening my eyes and ears to what’s inside and outside the box”.


Behind the Scenes

We take
& take
for granted
what goes on
behind the scenes
everything is two-faced
more than what it seems
we take it at face
what really
hides beneath
of crafty hands
out to
their beliefs
their eyes
set on
nothing else matters
when it’s time
to feed the beast
to the god
of greed
the masters
of our universe
spread disease
behind the scenes.