Praise Apollo

All praise Apollo.

Divine Oracular of Delphi.

Patron God of Music and Poetry.

Fond conductor of the Muses’ choir.

You reverberate with light.

Like how sound vibrates off the lyre.

For this we praise your wisdom.

Master of knowledge and medicine.

May you protect us from the plagues.

In your name we pray.

Forever and ever.



The Vox Spell

Before I pick up a musical instrument.

Before I start the writing process.

Before I sing the first verse.

Before I recite a poem.

Before I lecture.

Before I speak.

As I listen.
I call on Sarawati to focus my mind.

I call onto Thoth to enchant my words.

I call Fu Hsi to speak through my fingers.

I call forth Hermes to improve my voice.

I call next Apollo to steady my hands.

I call upon Odin to shape my poems.

I call last Enki to lend me his ear.
May you help me with my writings.

May you help my diplomacy.

May you speak to me with reason.

May you help me find my calling.

May you help me develop my voice.

May you send me your messages.

May you teach me the universal language.

Guardian Gate

On this beautiful summer day.

I look out and see the flowers.

Yellow, orange, blue and violet.

Oh, how such beauty surrounds me.

As I look out towards the sun.

Watching it falling from the earth.

I see the sun shinning off the Shinto shrine.

I think to myself about how-

great spirits must dwell among the leaves.

While inspiration has been ignited-

in the form of two Haiku’s.
“The Guardian gate.

Toji shrine dedicated-

To the Shinto gods”
“Protect us spirits

From the evil entities.

Outside the temple.”

Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.

The Heart of the Midwest

As, I travel
down the road
I shall express
my experience
which is a feast!

Golden fields of wheat
ready for the harvest;
grey clouds of rain
from yesterdays storms
with blotches of-
red, orange and green
like that of
a Van Gough painting.

And, as I travel down
this long, straight
distant highway
I come across
many farm house islands
floating in a sea
of golden yellow wheat
with their Silo oasis
and big red barns.

I think to myself-
this is,
the heart of the Midwest
the heart of the Midwest
the heart of the Midwest.

Behind the Scenes

We take
& take
for granted
what goes on
behind the scenes
everything is two-faced
more than what it seems
we take it at face
what really
hides beneath
of crafty hands
out to
their beliefs
their eyes
set on
nothing else matters
when it’s time
to feed the beast
to the god
of greed
the masters
of our universe
spread disease
behind the scenes.

About the Author



My name is Jordan Dumer. It means: one who descends down river that lives on or near a hill; but you can all me Jodan Dasu Yo or Jordan Dasu instead. It means Just Kidding in Japanese; and is far more interesting then my birth name…boring… it should have been something awesome like Juan Don Doomersmith 3rd, Esquire.

I’ve gone by many alter egos, call them Characters, Shticks, Doppelgangers, Archetypes, whatever. I’ve played the fool, the joker, the jester, the bard and the clown.

Some of these include Guy U. Nevaherdof,  Technical Display, Jodan Daisu and Agape di Vox aka Iopa da Vox.

I’m also the High Priest of Voxtheism, a Consciousness based religion and Grand Master Jester of the Sacred Order of the Forbidden Mirth*, a peaceful misogynistic Fraternal Religious Organization similar to that of the Freemasons (no affiliation to the Freemasons, and until they let me in- boo, Freemasons, boo!

Oh, I also forgot,  I’m not just a Comedy Writer & Scholar but also Musician- in case you’re wondering (which I doubt it). I craft my words in the following formats: Jokes, Essays, Articles & Fiction- and when I’m feeling spunky, some poetry and Lyrics.

I would like to warn you that I’m neither gay or straight, I see only in shades of grey and I’m neither Grand Old Party or Neo-Liberal, so if that’s not your thing, then well, I bid you ado and a fuck you.

I’m trying to shine a light on higher subjects that help build deeper connections within your mind and soul; so that you can use some of these teachings to improve upon your life not matter who you are and where you come from- or just find make you laugh, or whatever, you know- for shits and giggles.

But, I would like to mention Quantum Rhinoplasty my friends with a pinch of Magic (Work in Progress). More simply, I grow every day, learn from my mistakes; and above all, try my best. Because that’s Alchemy baby. I feel the fire burning deep inside! Like some kinda disco inferno!

I have a lot of special interests. The profane bores me. I have to be intellectually challenged. Infusing humour with life’s more challenging topics like:

Consciousness, Spirituality, Religion, Sexuality, Government, Politics, Science, Technology, Mathematics, History, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Mysticism, Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, Fine Arts, Poetry, Symbolism, Music Theory, The Occult and Language.

It should be of no surprise that my two favourite genres are Science Fiction and Supernatural Horror- sprinkled with comedy.

But I have a special interest in, Personal Sovereignty (the God given right to have Authority over ourselves and our impact on the world around us).

My influences span far and deep:

Japanese Culture, Russian and British Literature, Spanish and Italian Art, Ancient Egyptian History, Art Film, the Great Polymaths and Technical Death Metal are but a few; and let’s not forget about Classical Greece, The Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Spiritualist Movement.

I give great respects to the masters who have influenced my work: Rudolf Steiner, Johannes von Goethe, William Blake, Benjamin Franklin, Francois Bacon, Pythagoras, Confucius, Minamoto Musashi, Plato, Manly P. Hall, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, George Melies, Issac Asimov, William Shakespeare, Aristotle, Orson Welles, H P Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Leonardo di Vinci.

This doesn’t include the long list of Comedy and Humorists who have influenced my work: Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Adam Douglas and Ray Bradbury; the stand up of George Carlin, Joe Rogan and Bill Hicks; and movies like the Marx Brothers Duck Soup, Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles and  Kevin Smith’s Clerks.

And the list not only goes on. It keeps growing. So keep reading . Or send your thoughts and influences my way. I’m always open to ideas. Thank you.


Jordan Dumer

Tiny Leaps

I must report
with great retort
I’ve been castaway
cast aside
handed down
passed around
tried & tried
to get along
too late now
far too gone
to get established
to settle down
for this,
I smile
as you frown
eyes cast
upon the ground
shaking your head
in disbelief
for holding onto
whats dear to me
but, like always
it’s time to leave
to hurdle forward
making tiny leaps.

  • Hard is the path less taken. Difficult is the journey into the unknown. But through the darkness, one finds enlightenment.