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Joke of the Day, Read a Book

May 26, 2017

They say we have an illiteracy problem in this country. I disagree. We have an, I forgot how to read, complex in this country. Reading does not end in college.

Movies and even more so, video game, are both a recent phenomenon. There used to be a time period when the only form of entertainment was books- and maybe puppets- and maybe some Shakespeare- but that’s it.

Book are the vegetables of the entertainment world. We’ve been living on Fast Food for so long, we no longer have a taste for what’s good for us.

The problem with reading is people don’t see it as a form of survival. You don’t have to read or be smart to make more money than the guy who can read at a post graduate level.

With this type of attitude, people look at reading as an unnecessary annoyance. Despite the fact that every- movie, business contract, political speech, and joke begins as literature before it evolves into a functional working vehicle. Everything man does is built on a foundation of written language. Something you might be aware of if you actually read a book from time to time.

No, reading is not necessary for basic survival. But it is necessary for learning to survive in a better world. If you wanna live in a better world than you better start reading books.

My grandfather told me about a book series he read as a child from a man named Steven Meader. The book series was virtually unknown of in his time period. But it taught him the joy of reading that had a profound impact on his life ever since. And this is coming from a man with three college degrees who knows five different languages.

This Fool speaks of Wisdom: Taking Thinking Patterns Seriously in Smalltown Middle America

May 25, 2017

People don’t take intellectuals serious in Small Town America because Intelligence and Spiritual Growth is a by product of Money and material gain as compaired to the otherway around. It’s them clinging onto that cryptic Darwinian Code that survival is in the hands of the strongest in every material sense of the word except in diaster movies where the smart and/ or wiseman, finally gets to rise up and save the world at conveinetly the final moment which is a contrast to reality where we usually all die and the earth can finally have a moment of tranquility, at least until the sequal.

People don’t take knowledge seriously except in places like Afghanistan where the Taliban burn down schools to keep the kids active in the Poppy fields. The United States it seems espicially, doesn’t take kind to your kind unless your like their specific kind of their kind around here in these parts. Noam Chomsky calls this Manucatured Consent.

Manfactured Consent is a lifestyle and the image that follows it, and how the individual is expected to stick in the general guidlines of what it means to live that sort of lifestyle and not evaluate any new information that conflicts with that way of life, and espically not try to create their own way of life, or try to use their imagination to stylize their life, or have any type of pure orginality at all, ever.

Basically, people don’t take information in the form of alternative truth as important in the United States of America. It has no practical use if you want to live in a cave, forge berries, hunt and trap small game, and poop in the tall grasses. Knowledge isn’t needed for survival and nor is: Art, Science, Creativity, Aquaducts, Sewer Sysytems, the Sisitine Chapel, Wireless Internet, definetely not this website, or Thermo Nucular Weapons- but here we are.

This type of thinking is justified in Small Town America from my experiences. I heard a Radio DJ from one of these micro oasis talking about a fourteen year old boy receiving his degree in Physics. He was more impressed with how long would it take for the boy to be able to pay off his student loans. That upset me.

Who cares how rich or poor he is. He could go on to experiment and discover something totally new that changes the entire world for the better. How much is that worth, your praise? Or would you totally be more impressed if he discovered a technology that ensalved us all by making us mobidly addicted, but his net worth was half of all Earth Natural Resources- market value- God.

Maybe that radio DJ needs to do some research in world global politics. I think he missed a few persepectives after finishing every biography written about Hitler ever produced including several rare unpublished manuscripts of biographies written by the Feur himself.

I get it. The heathens don’t have to knock on the gates because theirs too many gated communities to organize anything. They’d get on their prized horses and ride off into their vast acharge chanting “Depopulation is comming. Depopulation is comming”.

The rioteers will stand in awe at the wealth and magnifigance of the life style of the rich and zealous. Star struck, the impression so deep and long lasting, that they’ll be willing to go to war for even a small taste of that life. Then the cops arrive and remind them of where their tax dollars go.

Money is not the future, the future is in the intelligensia and the wise gurus the world over working together, and wealth the byproduct of that, because that’s wealth. The other is illusion built on fabricated lifestyles. Turning our raw ability into something magnificant is far more economical. We should focus on our passion for growth and for quality.

“It was Confucious who once said, a man has a hobby to pass the time, a man who makes a career from his hobby, lives with his parents”. The ending to that is actually, a man never works a day in his life. I told my friends rich mom that. She said things don’t work that way and I should be grateful for living in America. In contrast, I was watching CBS News about Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei who was told by the Chinese Government that Weiwei should be grateful for China’s techological breakthroughs over the past thrity years. Weiwei would rather spend his free time flipping off government super buildings. I totally get where Weiwei is coming from.

As a starving artist and member of the working class poor, I can’t reach my designated audience as quickly as others mentioned on my website. My dissidants has turned to disentary on any job application. I live in object poverty. Voltures following me. I jizz blood. And play Violin on the streets for fast food money. I sleep in Denny’s Parking Lot and smoke cigarette butts I found on the ground. I feel no longer just sick but mentally ill. I laugh at my own jokes because I’m just that vane of a person.

It’s also pretty pretentious to talk about guys like Noam Chomsky like we’re both humans and their not on a totally higher level than I am. How pompus of me. I should stick to digging holes like Tesla did after quitting Edison for false promises. Again, I have no right putting myself in their league. I should be grateful for no Taliban. I am. But those Baptist Fundamentalists are still around. And the Neo Nazi’s. And the UniBombers in the making still lurk around. You know?

The point I’m trying to make across is that it takes Spritual and Intellectual growth to have a higher quality of life. I don’t need Noam Chomsky’s approval to believe that is the ultimate truth behind this mystery. But it wouldn’t hurt. Love me Noam Chomsky. You know all I really yearn for is your acceptance. Daddy figure Noam Chomsky why? Teach me the ways of the force. And before I start sayting more things that I’ll regret later, like how the Noam Chomsky ending came of sounding a tad homoerotic, I bid you adou.

Modern Art in Foreign Film

May 25, 2017



I’m not sure if choking a woman in bed is horror or a part of German Culture.

German Expressionism

Art film began in Germany during the late teens when independent filmmakers made some of the first low budget horror films ever made.

By 1919, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari became a international success that helped to shape some of the best directors of this movement.

F. W. Murnau directed the Masterpieces Nosferatu, The Last Laugh and Sunrise before the age of thirty.

Fritz Lang directed Metropolis, Die Nibelungen and M.

Other great films from this genre include The Student of Prague and The Golem.



Oh, my god it’s the Martians from War of the Worlds. Oh wait. Nope. It’s a boring art film displaying innovative technique.

Russian Realism

These films are often saturated in communist propaganda like the crappy art and weird industrial music of the Soviet Union in masterpieces like Earth. But politics aside- the Russians changed the way we look at film.

Sergi Eisenstein’s masterful use of montage in the film Battleship Potemkin won him world wide recognition. He also directed the movies: Strike, Octobr, Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible.



A typical action scene in Art Cinema


Russ-ian Filmmaker Dziga Vertov believed that the images should tell their own story. These images were then connected to tell a deeper meaning. His documentary series Kino-Pravda would later influence Cinema Verete in France. His most famous film is The Man with a Movie Camera.


Rene Clair filming his idea of beauty.

Cinema Pur

Cinema Pur was the art film community of France during the peak of Dadaism and Surrealism in Paris. Artists Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali and Man Ray provided their talents to this movement. Three great film directors went on to have successful film careers as well. Rene Clair directed Entr’acte which is an early Dada masterpiece. He would later go onto direct the classics A Nous la Liberte, le Million and Then There Was None.


Salvador Dali’s interpretation of how babies are made

Louis Bunuel would co. direct the early surrealist films Une Chien Andalou and L’age D’or with Salvador Dali.

Bunuel’s extensive film catalog includes the Surrealistic Masterpieces The Exterminating Angel, Belle de Jour and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeois to name a few.

The last great film director towards the end of the movement was Jean Cocteau. He would direct the masterpieces The Blood of a Poet, Beauty and the Beast and Orpheus.


Is it just me. Or do all Japanese movies look alike?

Japanese Traditionalism

What began during World War II as propaganda with films like Kenji Mizoguchi’s 47 Ronin. Echoed far beyond the war.

The period Drama Gates of Hell opened the literal flood gates for Japanese Art cinema in the United States.

Mizoguchi, making films since the silent era went on to direct the the Japanese period drama’s Ugetsu and Sansho the Baliff after the war.


Only the Japanese can find the Zen in even the most violent of images.

Yasujiro Ozu, another silent era veteran helped innovate Japanese film technique. His Japanese masterpieces Late Spring, Early Summer, Tokyo Story and Floating Weeds are considered among the most critically acclaimed films ever made.

We also have the heavily Western influenced Akira Kurosawa who went on to direct famous Samurai period pieces such as Seven Samurai, Hidden Fortress, Yojimbo, Ran and Throne of Blood.


I think she missed her Taxi

Italian Neo Realism

By the end of World War 2, Italy was going through shaky political turmoil.  Mussolini was executed, Nazi’s ran a muck and democracy was going to be a rough transition for a country leveled by war.

One movie, Open City directed by Roberto Rossellini helped bring Italian Art Film into the United States- and culture I guess.


Only the Italians can make bad dancing look so damn cool.

Other directors include Vittorio De Sica, best known for his work The Bicycle Thief and Luchino Visconti for The Leopard.

However, the most famous is Federico Fellini who had a prolific film career with movies like La Strada, La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, Satyricon and Amacord.


The closest one gets to action in a foreign art film is running.

French New Wave

This film movement began as a famous French film magazine called Cashiers du Cinéma.

Andre Bazin helped to develop the theory in France while Francois Truffaut wrote a famous series of interviews with Alfred Hitchcock.

It was evident that the French knew what they were talking about. Francois Truffaut helped to break out the genre with The 400 Blows. He also directed great films like Shoot the Piano Player and Jules and Jim.


The walking and talking in a foreign film was used to build tension before the run.

The other famous director is Jean Lu Godard who has a fantastic filmography. Some of Godard’s best works include Breathless, Contempt, Masculine Feminine and Week End.

However, Eric Rohmer was also a influential figure in French New Wave with films like My Night at Muad’s.

Alan Renais had a couple of classics including Hiroshima Mon Amour and Last Year at Marienbad.

Other famous works in this movement include Charbrol’s Le Boucher, Rivette’s Celine and Julie Go Boating and Varda’s Cleo from 5 to 7.

10 Dark Stand-Up Comedy Specials that Deal with Occult Themes

May 24, 2017

Bill Hicks, Revelations

funny or die

Photo of Bill Hicks Taken without Courtesy from the Funny or Die website

The Texas rebel talks about overpopulation, The Kennedy assassination, and Goat Boy, the Randy Trickster God Pan.  He also proclaims that psychedelic mushrooms help speed up our evolution before reminding us that “not all drugs are good, some are really great, you just have to know how to navigate your way around them”. Revelations then demonstrate the decline of popular music with teen idols like Marky Mark acquiring fame through sexual favors with the devil.

The jokes in Revelations remain fresh even today, with quick jabs at the L.A. Riots, a reminder of how these still remain among our common fears. However, Bill Hick’s esoteric wisdom stems well before Revelations, sprinkled between moments of cynicism and satire, throughout all of his Comedy Specials. What sets Revelations apart is Hick’s influential “life is just a ride” that makes Revelations a great introduction in the mind of this comic genius.

I don’t mean to sound cold, harsh and vicious. I just am, so that’s the way it comes out”.

Bill Hicks, Revelations

Andrew O’Neil, Alternative

andrew o neill

Warning: Andrew O’Neil is a dude. Photo was taken from

Self Proclaimed Occultist and Stand Up Comedian from England. O’Neil is famous for his rants about Heavy Metal, Aliester Crowley and what it means to be a Transvestite Vegetarian. His only known Stand Up Special, Alternative, which can be found where else but on Youtube.

Alternative has several great Heavy Metal stylized sets that include a tribute to Metallica and wooing the fragile heart of a young female audience member to the deep rich guttural vocals of Cannibal Corpses Death Metal classic Hammer Smash Face.

Anthony Jeslinick, Thoughts and Prayers

Jeselnik-Occult Comedian

Photo taken from the Federalist taken from a screen shot on Netflix. That makes OVP the Robin Hood of Online Photo’s.

Jeslinick doesn’t tap into Occult themes like some of his other peers. However, every joke contains a dark twist that leaves you gasping in shock or screaming in laughter. The taboo subjects this funny man lampoons makes him an underground legend. Thoughts and Prayers contains a plethora of jokes involving Death, and Children. I will spare you the details.

“My neighbors have a eighteen year old daughter whose gorgeous. They have the most beautiful eighteen year old daughter I have ever seen. The only issue is she has this butterfly tatooed on her chest. She has this big butterfly right here in the center of her chest. I mean, doesn’t she know how stupid that’s going to look some day stretched out over my lightshade?”

Anothony Jeslinick

Jake Johannsen, This’ll Take about an Hour


ccsu_tdm jake johannsen

Jake’s photo taken from a professional photo theif off of Comedy Central.


Jake Johannsen talks about normal life from a not so normal point of view. A running bit throughout the one-hour comedy special, if you didn’t already know, from the title of the comedy special, is about Jake’s fear of alien overlords revealing themselves to Johannsen by pulling their face off. He also refers to his broken phone as a ‘Devil Phone’. The next bit is about talking to a woman from the airline, but he’s not sure if it’s a woman, a man, or a hermaphrodite. Jake Johannsen slips in the strange into the otherwise mundane humdrum of everyday existence.

 Joe Rogan, Triggered


joe rogan occult comedian

Taken from Gettysimage. And like what Joe Rogan tells me in my dreams, like this captian, I too am missing a couple of links.


Joe Rogan talks about conspiracy theories. He mentions the 1%. Not the rich 1%. The 1% that’s really stupid. Joe Rogan also does a bit about cults, describing the differences between Scientology and Mormonism. He ends Demonic Kardashians brainwashing Bruce in his sleep. Great silly comedy.

Like Bill Hicks, Joe Rogan sprinkles every Stand-Up Special with some metaphysical language and is known to slip in a religious observation or two. Triggered is no different yet remains fresh with Rogan’s wit and persona.

If you like Joe Rogan’s wisdom and wit than check out his popular Joe Rogan Experience. A great episode is the one featuring Alex Jones, the infamous Illuminati Muckracker, and long time friend of Joe Rogan’s. Great show and great standup by one of the most respected comedians today.

Chris Porter, Ugly and Angry


If this is what Christ Porter looks like on stage. I wouldn’t want to see him when he’s Angry, or like in comedian Steven Lees case, like to see him when he’s Ang Lee. Photo from Netflix.

Chris Porter doesn’t get heavy in the Metaphysical language like Rogan, Hicks, and others in his field. However, Chris Porter brings a comedy persona of a madman on the verge of rupturing his brain into an aneurysm. His controversial subjects include the beloved parody on overpopulation, and of course, several hilarious jokes about stupid people.

“We have a lot of stupidity in this world. We have so much Stupidity, it’s got its own markeeting demograph”.

-Chris Porter, Ugly and Angry

Steven Lee, Stand-Up Comedian


Teenage Cancer Trust: Russell Brand And Noel Fielding

This Huffington Post photo rip off of Stewart Lee was an inside job thanks to a beloved Wiki Leaks opperative working from home office in his mothers basement. 


Steven Lee begins this Scottish Special with a bit about farting in a bar during the 9/11 attacks, and how Tony Blairs’ use of term Crusade has had lead to political tension halted with the Comedians heroic farts. The special then goes on to describe William Wallace Brave Heart as a Pedophile and Homosexual, and the atrocities of the Princess Dianna Memorial Fountain. Lee’s style fuses local politics, obscure references to Britsh Pop Culture, and controversial subject matter to produce one of the best Comedy acts in recent times.

Bill Burr, Walk Your Way Out



Photo of Bill Burr taken Shoot up some speedballs and some good stand up- illegal drugs sold seperately. 


This Netflix stand-Up Special feature jokes about the New World Order including a long bit on population control and a taboo rant on Hitler’s stats compared to Stalin’s in the Hall of Fame of evil. Burr begins with a bit on the presidential election. He makes this startling prediction:

“Do they really think they’ll get around to building the wall? It took fifteen years to build the Freedom tower and we wanted that thing. Half the people don’t even want the wall. I’m tellng yeah. In fifteen years, things be so fucked up in this country, we’ll be the ones going over it”

Bill Burr

Dave Chapelle, Deep in the Heart of Texas


dave chapelle

Dave Chapelle’s photograph taken from Netflix. Sorry for the lack of wit in this photo captian. 


Dave Chapelle is an occult comedy figure after his dramatic middle finger to America during season Three of Chapelle’s Show that took him back to his African roots. People thought he was nuts like Martin Lawrence or just plain crazy like Kat Williams. Nope, this Islam living truth seeker is just one normal guy with a knack for professional hilarity.

The Double Chapelle Stand Up Feature includes Deep in the Heart of Texas, an hour of Chapelle at his best. Controversial subjects on this tour de force include meeting OJ Simpson on four separate occasions, and Bill Cosby as a Rapist who saves more than he rapes.

George Carlin, We Are All Diseased



Several individuals died during the illegal pirating of this photograph. Taken from Scraps from the Loft with Malice.


What I would consider Carlin’s most controversial work that attacks religion, government, and corporations. George Carlin’s unnerving Comedy bits come off more as Satirical Essays than they do jokes. The vein of Carlin’s special seems to follow more in the stylings of Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks. However, Carlin brings his own flavor that remains one of the best Stand-Up Specials of all time.

“Cause you do know folks, living in this country, you’re bound to know that every time you’re exposed to advertising, you realize once again, that America’s leading industry, America’s most profitable business is still the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and marketing of bullshit”.

-George Carlin

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