Why do we call them relationships when most of us can hardly them keep afloat? I think that’s weird. Shouldn’t we start calling them relationcapsized? Or what about when you fuck up a current relationship to cheat with an ex, shouldn’t we start calling those relationghostships?

Everyone talks about relationships but never the relationsunks. We feel good when we hear that another dingy got swallowed alive. But when the Titanic’s of the relationship world hits ice and disappear out of nowhere. We all burn candles and tell stories about how we thought they would make it.

I call family I haven’t heard from in years and start telling them the situation- send then links to the couples homepage- I hear she’s single. I like to slip it in my day to day conversation. Their failures become the metaphor in many of my stories. You know. Somebody has to shine some light on this subject and it might as well be me.


Floating on an Ocean of Our Emotions

Our minds are deep,

tidal waves of emotion.

Finding it hard to navigate,

this vast and turbulent ocean.

In little canoes, we float,

becoming one with the flow.

Sometimes we put our guards down,

while we head into the perfect storm.

Where we’re tossed into the ebb,

while the boat begins sinking.

Left now in the shallows,

of the vast violent ocean.

Unable now to drift,

sinking into the caverns of the abyss.

Where live the fiendish Kraken,

always lurking around the corner.

So hurry quickly to the skies,

before your swallowed alive.

Reaching for the horizon,

floating now on your emotions.

Keeping your head above the water,

slowly picking up the driftwood.

Craft yourself a new canoe,

to paddle off anew.

While remembering to take a deep breath,

as you drift off into the sunset.

The Spiritual Tools behind Nostradamus’ Writing


“And how should I spin this letter so the Royal family thinks that the Philosoper’s Stone is an actual way to turn led into Gold; without revealing it as a spiritual method for self growth and social improvement based on the world around us?” is the kind of thing Nostradamus would have been thinking writing in the  method shown above.

I find it fascinating that one of the trendiest Authors in the history of Literature is still the Seer, Occult Scientist and Poet Nostradamus.

Nostradamus acquired notoriety for his knowledge of Alchemy and for his ability to predict the future that lead him to powerful connections obviously still as powerful today as the day Nostradamus worked for their elite circles.

But how did Nostradamus write his Prophesies? This man: more mystic than rational intellectual? One must look at the world of the Occult for answers.

I was researching famous Psychedelic Writers like Hunter Thompson & Aldous Huxley  when I came across the video game Nostrodamus: The Last Prophecy where they mention Mandrake Root.

I’ve read in Herbal books that Mandrake would cause Madness in large doses. I don’t think madness would have been the affect Nostradamus was looking for when one looks at the clarity of his Quatrains.

But’s article on Mandrake Root reveals an important key to all of this. One of the many mysterious uses of Mandrake Root Tea was to prevent demonic or spiritual possession.

This is interesting because I’ve also read and seen on countless History Channel Documentaries that Nostradamus would stare into a bowl of Fresh Pure Water. A technique long used by occultists world wide since Ancient times for summoning forth otherworldly entitie, like the  Youtube video titled: The Magick of Solomon: Lemegeton Revealed  that discusses in full detail the origins, rituals and practices behind the Occult Science of summoning entities.


Replica Statue from Greek Antiquity of a Solomon Magick Ritual that would involve a Black Mirror

In the Magick of Solomon, initiates must remain Chaste for one month and each month they must build a bond with one of the angels of the Four Corners: Ariel, Raphael, Micheal; and I forget the last one-ael.

They focus their time and energy on worship and spiritual devotion until they become enlightened enough to become an aspect of that angel.

And only then are the initiates ready to use the black mirror. A device used to summon forth the very demons of hell for knowledge and for service. With the protection of the four angels and proper treatment; these forces can then be harnessed for good services and self growth.

They achieve this by standing within a magic circle holding a candle to focus and channel the demon; and a knife for protection; and for dispelling the summoning.

The Fascinating thing about water is that it acts naturally as a crystal ball during the day and as a black mirror by night; and the beauty and horror of his predictions might have been a reflection of the time of day itself.

Now however Nostradamus applied these various techniques is up to speculation. The 20th Century Prophet Edgar Cayce used self hypnosis and selfless intention when tapping into his predictions and prophecies.

Rumor has it that Issac Newton burnt his brain out on drugs during his alchemical experiments. The Hashishian Brotherhood would smoke hash during their rituals.The idea of Mandrake or even psychedelics in general, is not out of the question.

The Pythagorean Brotherhood practiced chastity for one month before initiation into the brotherhood.The idea of the focus of religious devotion for months on end before tackling the darkest of prophecies is also not out of the question when dealing with the techniques applied during the writing process behind Michael Nostradamus’  surviving work; after all he was a Professional Seer with powerful connections; and access to the worlds best resources to strengthen his career as a Seer and Occult Scientist.

And so The Techniques behind Nostradamus’ Mystical Writings remains a mystery; because you’re missing the point. It’s about finding what works best for you as a writer and spiritual person. These techniques above are only a few available to your disposal. What and how Nostradamus applied them was unique because Nostradamus, like everyone, is a unique individual whose career depended on finding better and more efficient methods for acquiring the best results. ea8e9ff77d5d1332ef85b4eded4b28953aa4f64b

So like Nostradamus, we all can benefit from these practices if we take the time to learn and understand them, and apply them to our day to day lives; including you the reader and writer.

For more questions about Mysticism and mystical teachings; feel free to comment below. Thank You.

Opened Vox Publishing, © 2017

The Spirit Radio

I had a buddy come over last night. We started talking about ghosts. He asked me if I ever heard of a spirit radio? I told him Nikola Tesla invented it. Tesla didn’t believe in afterlife communication.

Than one night he saw his mother in a dream, the clouds parted and she flew away into the sky; that mourning he heard the news that his mother died that night and his feelings about the afterlife changed: so, he invented the Spirit Radio.

He waited until I finished. He had a cautionary tale to tell. He began to speak in his Mississippi River valley twang. ” I have a buddy” he said, “who liked to goof off with his spirit radio”. He smiled. “Yeah, him and some of his buddies were having a good ol time on that thing _. You know how those things work?” he asked me.

I said, “yeah, there tuned to different frequency patterns than our man-made antenna waves”. He nodded his head. “That’s right” he said. “These buddies of mine were having fun with this damn thing one night. They ended up talking to something” he paused. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

“They asked it its name. It said its name is “Asmodeus” or something. They kept talking to it until they looked up the name online. It’s a high demon of hell, bad news. So, they quit talking to it. They, don’t play around with the spirit radio anymore”.

A wireless light bulb went off in my head. I wanted to get me one of these spirit radios. I wanted to meet the spirits that haunt this place. I wanted to get to know them. The idea resonated inside my psyche…

2018 Update: No More Open the Vox, no More Blogs or Websites by Writer Jordan Dumer

I decided. No more blogs or websites. I’m taking a long break from the internet and have no intention of returning. I’ll be focusing on writing stories and publishing my collections into books- but no more blogs- ever. I’ve exhausted way too much energy into a project that has proven fruitless.

I’ve been writing short stories that I plan to workshop before trying to get them published. I otherwise plan to edit my blog posts into separate collections before releasing to the general public.

I’d also like to apologize to any of those I offended. I’m not sorry that I offended you, but I am sorry that you were offended.

Bullsh*t is Humanities Magic Power

As a young man I wondered how come smart guys never seem to have sex. I mean if you’re smart, how come you’re not smart enough to get laid every once in a while. Than it dawned on me: the difference between smart guys and stupid people is one fundamental difference: Smart guys don’t laid enough and dumb guys get laid way more than they should.

Take school for example. In elementary school everyone is roughly on the same page: kick some balls around, score a couple of star stickers and you look at the opposite sex like, well people.

But by high school you notice the smart kids never seem to grow up. They kinda stick to their studies. Maybe find a girlfriend they can spoon with on the weekends but that’s about it. Than you’ve got the jocks and the popular kids who throw away their studies, quit showing up to class and get all arrogant. You know why? Their getting laid all the time.

When you’re not getting pussy, you have the time to think beyond your wiener; and have big plans about social reform and building an aqueduct in order to bring fresh water to the people. But when you’re getting laid, you’re all like “I don’t have time for this shit. I’m a busy man, so tell your bitch to fetch a pail and get the damn water herself if its that much of an inconvenience”.

And this is why we hire stupid people for top political positions. Because we don’t want to see a nice fresh faced president who never gets laid. That makes us look bad. We want that dirty rotten lying bastard because he’s a reflection of ourselves. Because lets face it, the guy who cares about us more than then he does his own dick makes us down right uncomfortable.

This is why people think Lincoln is gay. Lincoln wasn’t gay. As a child, he carved the wood nails they used to hold the lid shut on his mothers coffin. That’s some real man shit, not this modern day faggot shit where a doctor comes in and tells you mommies going away on a vocation and hope you connect the dots when you get older.Nope. Sorry Abe, time to put those carpentry skills to use.

But Lincolns a great example of this because when Lincoln was a young man, he was a bachelor  politician famous for using wit to publicly mock his political opponents. He didn’t care about woman, he didn’t care about native American rights, he didn’t care about freeing the slaves. You know why? He was getting laid all the time.

Then he got married, quits getting laid all the time and next thing you know, he’s suddenly got time to read, has big plans for social reform and frees the slaves. Why? Because he’s not getting laid anymore, that’s why.

And that’s where all this, Lincoln must have been gay shit stems from. People forget their use to be a time before tv warped our mind full of Viagra and bullshit. Plus, the dudes kids died on him left and right. I mean, how many times do you have to go threw seeing your own children die in front of your eyes before your dick goes out? Where’s the historical reevaluation of that aspect of Lincoln’s life.

And really, the only reason why a guy  becomes full of shit is to get laid because the way a woman knows if you’re sexually active or not is by being completely full of shit. It’s a vicious cycle.

I knew a guy from high school who asked a girl out only to get turned down because she already had a boyfriend. He said, “so what, I have a girlfriend, what’s the big deal?” You know what she did? Bought a wedding ring and purposed to him. Do you know why? Because, he’s full of shit.

When Ted Bundy was on death row, he had woman purpose to him- and this was after he murdered all those woman. You know why? Because he was the right kind of smart. He was that charming, manipulative, weave an illusion to so well that when you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t even know who the fuck you are anymore kind of smart. That’s the number one quality a woman looks for in man.

I mean why do you think woman like jerks and bad boys? Because their full of shit, a clear sign that your sexually active, that’s it. If you want to sustain a relationship, pretend like you know all the answers. That’s it. Lie. Pretend like you’re like invincible and are going to live forever.

Take for example the fact that they introduced American Television to some otherwise isolated part of the world. Before American television, these woman were cool, they were secure about their looks and weren’t obsessed with material things. Than blam! After less than a month of being polluted by Hollywood’s toxic leftovers, the woman started dressing all slutty, divorces went up and morality went down.

That’s the true power of our bullshit. We as a species have gotten so good at being so full of shit that we build entire civilizations  around it. Look at where we are today-we  let the fake corporations control our genetically modified food supply, and for what? So we can protect our paper gold  used so your old lady can afford a pair of fake tits.


A potent representation of how bullshit can lift you higher and farther than you could without it.

And the thing is we can change anytime we want but the reason we don’t is because woman hold onto that bullshit and man might die alone in a cave crying in the fetal position like a little bitch but he will die standing to keep his girls legs from closing in

Don’t believe me? Look at religion. You think religion has had such a profound cultural impact because men wanted to give away their power and authority to an effeminate man in a white dress can tell you he has all the answers? No. It’s because while the rest of the tribe was away on the hunt, this pansy was filling the woman up will bullshit trying to get lad. That’s it.

Thousands of years of religious warfare not fought over whose bullshit is greater than the others. It was because their woman folk weren’t putting out until they proven their loyalty to that particular brand of bullshit.

Still don’t believe me? Look at Mormonism. You wouldn’t think that a smart, rational, down to earth, independent, mature, freethinking woman would fall for that shit. Then you go to Salt Lake City and you’re like what the fuck, where did I go wrong?

These woman had a choice. These weren’t Persian concubines. These were American woman who decided that sharing a man with several other woman was still better than trying to make it on your own. Why find love and truth when you can help some sack of shit snake oil salesman fund a city of pansies who believe that some dude found an ancient Egyptian tablet left by Jesus and his disciples in some obscure New England cave. And you know why he did it? He wanted a monopoly on pussy because that’s true wealth and power. And so he rounded up all the good ones crazy enough to find security in his bullshit and left the gold digging skanks for the rest of us sifter through. And that’s why Joseph Smith had to die.

Living by the Ocean

Verse 1

In the mourning.

When the oceans blue.

Such a pretty view.

Then I look over.

And nothing compares to you.



Because I love You.

I love you.


Verse 2

In the evening.

When the skies are red.

And I need a friend.

I look at you.

And I smile big.



Because I love you.

I love you.


The Bridge, Part 1

I’ve seen you when you wake up.

I’ve seen you when you’re sad.

I’ve seen you without makeup.

And seen you when you’re mad.


The Bridge, Part 2

I’ll be there when our kids are born.

Be there when you die.

Even when you put your guard down.

I’ll stand by your side.



Because I love you.

I love you.


Verse 3

In the dead of the night.

When the stars are white.

I watch you sleeping.

And think about how happy I am.

For having you in my life.



Because I love you.

I love you.


Now days I look at myself in the mirror, smile, wink, shoot my thumb-pointer finger pistol into the mirror, pull the trigger; and remind myself that I am a complete waste of human garbage. It keeps me grounded. Than I tell myself I’m going to be a less pitiful waste of organic life matter everyday. It’s a reminder that this world is full of Feces Pieces; and its my responsibility to plant a useful seed like corn maybe into life’s grand manure pile and hope to get something beautiful out of it like a tulip for example”.