Starlight Over Blue Marble

 a Poetry Chapbook by Jordan Dumer
WordPress Edition, 2017
Starlight Over Blue Marble began as the Double Poetry Blog: Double Infinity- Out There and Double Infinity- Into Deep after a major Poetic out pour in late 2012 & early 2013 of some 300+ poems and poetic fragments scattered across the net.
The Blog, Double Infinity: Out There, was about technical subjects like the universe, religion, music, science and sometimes mathematics. It was what you could call, Exoteric or external knowledge, unlike Double Infinity: Into Deep, which was more Esoteric, or inner wisdom on subjects like magic, mysticism and metaphor.
And, after hand picking the best poems from across the World Wide Web. I built first a double poetry chapbook published on the website But, latter condensed the 30+ poems of this collection down to 25, where I published it on my WordPress site, under the title, Starlight on Ancient Oceans.
But, the poetry collection was still far from completion: the poems were disorganized, several poems took away from the central themes of the collection; and several poems needed reconstruction and every poem needed editing.
However, after many more hours of tireless effort- I finally found the formula- a poetry chapbook that is both visually and lyrically striking without the loss of emotional depth, now called  Starlight Over Blue Marble. A must read for poets and poetry lovers the world over.
Thank You.
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Published Jan. 16, 2017
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Table of Content

1) Our Minds are Gardens
2) Natural Beginnings
3) In Bloom
4) Tangerine Tangent
5) Enriching World
6) Change
7) Pictures of Earth
8) Heaven & Earth
9) Our Minds are an Ocean
11)Internal Echoes
13)The Peal
14)Night Eclipse Day
15)Our Minds Are a Universe
16)Why We Create
17)The Night Sky
20)The Face on Mars
22)Inner Universe
23)The Poem Lives and the Poem Dies



Our Minds are Gardens

Our minds are gardens where every word, thought, feeling and idea is a seed.

Often, we don’t recognize that these little seeds are planted by ourselves and others. These sees can and often are planted and nurtured by ourselves and others with anyone even being aware that this is happening.

This is very dangerous, a tiny seed can grow into a huge problem. A tiny seed can deeply root itself in the nutrients of the sub consciousness; slowly choking out all the flowers and sturdy trees of our consciousness.

You are negligent on your duties if you allow this to happen. The seed of a parasite will not let the flower of life blossom or the fruits of the tree of knowledge ripen. They will exhaust your mental plane; leaving only a desolate wasteland.

We must pull the weeds out by their roots ourselves; and plant only the seeds that are best suited for our needs by nurturing them until they become a natural part of our mental landscape.

Natural Beginnings

The natural birth
of our universe
began with a fieldcats-eye-nebula-1098160_960_720
of empty infinity
where, Chronos seed
was humbly planted
like the mustard tree
or the seed buried
between these loins,
life is microscopic,
and life is potent.
Then energy brought it
into existence, as
divine love allowed life
to expand; & as time
went budding on
the more it blossomed
from a tiny seed
into a mighty green.
The more I’ ve realized
about us human beings;
our minds a universe,
& our bodies the seed.

In Bloom

No word expresseschkii3dwsae-qpp
this feeling felt
except, between
your illuminating
smile; and the rain
after the dusk, of
fortnights toil is a
rainbow reflection
showing only us- in
freshened puddles;
and deep beneath
slowly rooted
a seedling sprouting
our flower blooming.



Tangerine Tangent

tattered displays
of vibrant colors
dancing on drifts
of purplish hues
of crimson- yellow splattered oceans
on derivative beams of blackened suns
as pulsar spectral patterns spew forth
a golden ivory mirage of shiftless jaunts
upon the waking hours of the moon
casting down a shimmering aura upon the peoples
who dwell beyond the graves of mystical mountain footsteps.


Enriching World

Poverty’s not as bad
as it seems
you come to appreciate
the little things.forest-63275_960_720

Once, upon a walk in the park
while watching the sunset into dark
and looking at the pretty colors-
orange and red the sky did cover.

That same day-
the wind blew through the trees’
lime colored dancing leaves.

I thought to myself;

value most what has no value:
long walks with friends,
quite laughs with loved ones,
and how a newborns smile
is what makes life worth while.

And I’ve since that day,
I have been reborn
a richer man.


To change the world
one must first
become that change.

many refuse these words of wisdom;
never learning life’s lessons.

They keep playing
the same game
quick to judge
slow to change.

Yet, who are we to decide
what needs to be changed?

After all,
this is a multi-dimensional plane
so wonderfully weird & strange.

Why get so estranged
when others don’t abide by
your standards of change?

Maybe its out of range
to decide how
someones flower of life
is arranged.


Pictures of Earth

Heavenly blue marble,
fragile ringing bell
of white skies and ancient oceans
delicately rotating in the void;
mysterious mended canvas
containing every hue and shade.

You hold every terrain;
lovely tapestry of seasonal changes-
each region is a different atmosphere
each season its own texture
every day brings a little more detail
our heavenly blue marble.


Heaven And Earth

Bound to the dirt
living off the earth
found only hurt.

So, I look up
to the heavens above
& pray to the Gods
for unconditional love.


Our Minds are Oceans

We are as deep as this earths very oceans. We are an emotional creature full of chemicals reactions.

These reactions often leading to thoughts that suffocate us. If we are not careful, we can drown in our own sorrows.

So, we skim only on the surface of our own consciousness, or ego. Allowing the deeper treasures in the deepest recesses of our own abysmal minds to remain lost in the collective unconsciousness.

However, there’s nothing wrong with probing deeper into your own thoughts.

Many times,the greatest treasures of life remain hidden with ourselves. Go about this wisely and you’ll find that the answers you were searching for were not floating on a page but sunken deep within.


Night Eclipse Day
Stark grey moon
full in bloom
over endless waters:
black, blue,turquoise13887067905_7f02982eac
as high tides rise
over turbulent rolls
endless cycles
are the earthly flows;
the bathing sun
turns to blood moon skies
with dark hued shades
saturated by
ocean waves;
where thin cut lines
tight sealed space
earths & heavens,
suns & satellites,
rays & waves;
where eyes
burning bright
shows the way
galactic alignment
our lifes path paved
illuminates clearly
where night
eclipses day.8386243464_af258161eb_n


Little blue bubble
deep blue ocean
of turbulent emotions.

Ice chunk-
coldest place
in the solar system.

You provoke art12207373893_4a27f995f6
inspire creativity
yet, misconceive;

project illusion
Mighty storms a brewin’

master of
shallow seas
& deep self-reflections.






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