10 Groups of People Who Need to Be Put in Their Place

  1. Obese Narcissists turning information into a Media Circus. Rush Limbaugh looks at himself as the Lion Tamer, That guy from TYT whose the Indian Equivalent of Micheal Moore looks at himself as the Ring Leader, Alex Jones whose Rush Limbaugh with bigger guns looks at himself like a tightrope walker and Micheal Moore, whose only skinnier than Rush Limbaugh because he’s a Democrat, looks at himself like a fire eater- but really, their all just a bunch of clowns- like mimes- who make doing nothing actually look like you’re doing something.
  2. Radical Islamist’s who don’t study Alchemy. Read more books and write fewer laws- than talk to us about religious tolerance.
  3. Non-Christians who’ve turned their non-beliefs into a Christian Crusade. You’re here. You’re weird. Nobody cares. So keep the crazy to a minimum.
  4. Christians who believe that Evolution is dumb and Religion is better than Science. Read a book before you think and speak. If you’re looking for a moral to my work- there it is- a lifetime condensed to a single point. Read a book.
  5. Anyone who thinks their better than someone else because of their association with an organization already well established. Build your own legacy.
  6. Anyone who thinks their better just because of their station in life. The people are worried about the Mongols at the gates. I’m worried about the mongoloids we got running around. I don’t see any commercials for Voltaire’s Candide? I see tons of commercials for the show, Dexter.
  7. Corporations that would rather sweep their mistakes under the carpet than admit that they’re retarded. Your company made more mistakes than my mom’s vagina. The corporations need to quit being so wordy and tighten up.
  8. Dead Beat Dads that stick around. Whatever happened to the traditional deadbeat, who did their deadbeat deeds and moved to the next town until they maybe learn to do things half ass. Dead Beats today wanna stick around and mess their children’s lives up more than they already are. Stop it. You know messing your kids up doesn’t excuse your behavior. Get with the tempo.
  9. Rich People who think their better because they have more money. Rich people usually don’t get rich because of their moral integrity. It takes the mouth of Jesus and the thoughts of a serial killer to get to that level. That doesn’t make you better, it just makes you a really bad person.
  10. People who think Harry Potter is Literary Art. Harry Potter is Ten Seasons of Robert Jordan meets High School the Musical. Get over yourselves.

The Folklore of Roald Dahl

Steven Spielberg has taken on the job of directing the classic children’s novel, The Big Friendly Giant or BFG for short by beloved British writer Roald Dahl. That’s quite a feat for the deceased writer of such classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, Matilda and James in the Giant Peach. It seems his stories touches humans of all walks of life that Spielberg is a master of exploring. It seems his material is universal and we shall explore this further.

All great literature utilizes folklore. By folklore, I mean concepts of spirituality, mysticism, legend, myth and fable. Roald Dahl was no different, sometimes mixing dark themes such as in his short story Gremlins- a modern legend about little monster people destroying RAF aircraft during World War Two. Later, he who would go onto write The Witches which is another example of the darker side of Dahl. Of course, The Witches and the majority of his other classic novels are quite light hearted to not frighten even the smallest of children. However, it’s not always like that with Roald Dahl. He also wrote adult versions of enchanting fairy tales such as Cinderella early on in his career.

Roald Dahl artIn Cinderella, Dahl takes the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale; creating something fresh from old material. Of course, the Brother’s Grimm were astute researchers of cultural legends and popular folklore. Their collective work is just that- a documentation of traditional folklore. Rolad Dahl seems to have been interested in folklore both common and world wide. Elements from the traditional Japanese folklore of Peach Boy were used in the Novel James in the Peach. Regardless, the works of Roald Dahl still remain beloved for a reason. The writer himself gave a fresh and entertaining approach to these beloved stories.

The BFG is no different in that respect. In fact, the legend of giants shows up in even the old testament of the bible in stories such as David and Goliath. So again, we see the Roald Dahl’s mastery of legend and folklore.

Joke of the Day, Dropping Books on Our Own People

The presidents only secret will be the espionage missions involving plundering the worlds great libraries to compile the Great Book. A Large work of Literature comprising of only the purest of truths and wisdom into general knowledge.

The president will drop the Great book on the people. Agnostics will become Gnostic and will be seen running on the streets crying, “Praise Kabblah”. Ignorance will still exist. Countless homeless people will be tossing their private copy of Fahrenheit 451 into the Fire Barrel. We’ll call them freedom fighters and hand them tape recorders; having them attack Radical Extremists with machine gun logic until their mind is blown into a nuclear holocaust.