The Sacred Art of the Question


Seek the Question even further by Listening to the Podcast below. Thank you.

This year, try a new approach and see how it works.

Forget you know all the answers. Your perception itself is up too question.

Who are you? Why are we here? What is my purpose? Where Am I from? Where are we going? What should I do? How can I reach my true potential?

Ask many questions. Seek not the answer. But follow the information that leads too deeper insight into the question.

This is my Mysticism. The fusion of high wisdom and advanced knowledge as the stepping stones towards the next level of the mystery. Religious practice and Spiritual growth are but aspects incorporated within this process to achieve more efficient and effective results.

Those who seek to perfect their craft find an endless mystery few have mastered and none completely. The Universe has billions of years of development to our millions. We can simply not keep up with the infinite unraveling of the physical world-and beyond.

So ask yourself, what is my Mystery? Is it music? Is it business? Is it Science? What is it? What is it that when you question gives you bliss? Follow that question. Learn it step by step. Never quit taking steps. Keep learning advanced knowledge until you reach the next level. Fuse this with your high wisdom in your work to get the best results out of your experiences faster.

The Mystical side of all of this is that the seeking of the question will lead to heightened Religious, Spiritual and Mystical Experiences. Connect with this pure light. This is the divine energy present in all of creation. It is here you will find not answers but better results for as long as you seek the question.

The access to information including foreign systems and results lead too much experimentation. The ancients often found better results from other systems, and the best scholars mastered them.

They sought better results. They found little use in the answer. But found great use out of the Universal truths they’ve uncovered for their questions.

So question this upcoming Year. Question everything. See how it works for you. If its bringing desired results in your life. Than I suggest sticking with it. Otherwise, keep seeking until you kind what works for you.

I’ve called myself a Christian, a Buddhist, an Atheist, Agnostic, Gnostic, a Mystic, a Spiritual Alchemist or a Spiritual Scientist at one point or another on my Spiritual Journey. I even created my own religion. And that still wasn’t enough. I was afraid of getting caught up in a reality tunnel.

The Ancients, medicine men especially, would have been more interested in finding better medicine and better practices for increasing their potency. They would have feared getting caught up in the answer. And they to would have sought the question. And they would have found this refuge in the Mystery Schools of the High Priests, who were often the greatest of all medicine men.

So this year. Fear not the question. Fear the answer. For it is but a layer of truth-and not the ends to the mean.