The Truth behind of my Secret Agenda (Pure Evil)

I have a secret Agenda. My secret agenda includes: pointing out the elephant in the room, pointing out corruption on every level, and mocking general human ignorance.

Mostly it’s just pent up Narcissistic Rage boiling over from a lifetime of verbal and emotional abuse. I’m tired of being angry, hungry, horny and never satisfied.

I have no reason to live behind a mask. I don’t like masks. You know who wears masks? Internet trolls. I’ve trolled a few times back when I wore my mask. But I looked myself in the mirror and didn’t like how I started looking more and more like a politician.

You know who else wears masks? People who carry secrets. I used to carry secrets. I don’t like keeping secrets. I like being honest and open. But we’ve become so repressed as a society, that we tell ourselves that secrets are ok, that everyone carries a little shame. No. That’s false wisdom if I ever heard it. Why should I be ashamed for who I am? I’m done carrying that baggage. Learn from your past, correct your mistakes and move on.

Yeah, I have problems. I have bad habits I still have too break from my lack of trust for my fellow man. People probably think I’m a shut-in. I see this as my Chernobyl. I have a bad habit of building walls or using sex and other distractions to avoid trying to build deeper relationships out of fear of being disappointed by yet another person that I love.

And then again, I’ve set myself up on purpose, building unrealistic expectations so that I can continue to live in this cycle. I confess this flaw. I am totally left exposed. I’m ready to break these conditions.

I’m tired of the social restraints, the oppression, and the games we play with our fellow man like cats with a toy. I want to be free and open, to love and to care for my fellow man. I want to give back, grow, and live by example in action and in words.

I want to live in a world where we can all succeed based on talent and integrity. I’m tired of living in a world where wealth, celebrity status, and established talent has usurped moral, ethical, and selfless behavior. A person should be weighed on the gold they bring to their fellow man, not based on the gold they’ve inherited or acquired.

I’m tired of the political carpet sweepers who avoid the tough problems that our planet faces, riding this world like one of their underage prostitutes, leaving this world to crumble in rubble because it hasn’t yet affected their lives.

I’m tired of the media selling out to the corporations, turning information into a form of entertainment, where NPR remains the Hospice for Facts and Current Events.

We need the truth. The truth will set us free. My comedy tells lies. My comedy is lies. But the lies tell a deeper truth. I dive right into the void, to the core of evil, and like the Alchemists of our world heritage, I take that led and I attempt to turn it into gold. I try to find a better way.

I think too much. That’s my problem. They tell me I need to change my personality. I tell them I need a creative outlet. I wake up with songs, poems, stories, articles, and books already extracted from the chaotic consciousness of infinite nothingness that connects all existence. I have a hard time dealing with that. All I ask is that you leave me alone to do my work. Is that too much to ask for?