Enlightened Economics of the Future

The only sustainable form of economy is one based not on leadership but built on sovereignty. True Leadership is built on empowering others. Charlie Chaplin wrote one of the most inspirational speeches in human history at the end of the film, The Great Dictator 1940. The joke of that speech was to write the Propaganda speech Hitler never would have performed- ever.

The ways of the past are not the ways of the future. Societies built on materialistic power are the systems of the past. The future is in the people and not in the Kings. The future is in our knowledge of the truth and the love of wisdom in our hearts. The future is in having the power to do right. The ability to make the sacrifice for the greater good.

The days of self-preservation are dwindling down. The survival of the future of this planet is in each other, and in the Utopia, we shape for each other. The days of hoarding resources have stalled progress. True power is in the many and not the few. Selfishness has shown its true power, the power to take as much in the moment, by closing doors in the future. Thomas Edison’s greatest regret was not making Nikola Tesla his business partner, a decision that would have made him the richest man in the world.

Money as survival under Social Darwinism is diminishing. Money is technology, and that’s all it is. Our human survival never depended on raw resources but what we create with the resources we have available. The only wealth we’ve ever produced was through our own creations.

Human Economy is driven by our desire to learn, to explore the unknown, to dive deeper than ever before; and to create for the benefit of all mankind. Thousands of years of human progress has brought us to this point. The great minds have prepped us for this moment. Let us not fail them.

They say we have a problem with over Population. The problem is an economy built on manipulation, ignorance, emotion, want, and the desire for another man’s creations. The problem is the lack of contribution to the Zeitgeist on a level other than basic survival. The separation of body from the mind and the mind from the spirit have led to all man’s suffering. A world of eight Billion Tesla’s, Da Vinci’s, and Asimov’s working together wouldn’t be discussing such ideas, they’d be too busy trying to solve them.

The economy of the future is in the development of consciousness, powered by truth, and ruled by compassion and unconditional love of the people for the people. The future of the economy is what we give back, and not on what we take. What we create, what we build, what we do for life, is the inevitable way of the future.