The Power of Perseverance

Comedic Essay about the Perseverance one must face…in the Mirror

Essay by Jordan Dumer with Jokes by Jordan Daisuo.

“I use to struggle with resistance. I would blame other people for all my mistakes, misfortunes and mishaps. Than I heard the voice of an angel say unto me “quit blaming others for your own devices”. I listened. Now I only blame unrelated events like tire fires”- Jordan Daisuo

Life is a constant struggle between following your heart and following the status quo. I remember telling others how my plans were to go back to college and pursue a masters degree while traveling the world to places of ancient mystery. Just a few of the eccentric desires I have jogging in the old noggin.

“I always wanted to be a video game story board designer, a graphic novelist, a metal guitarist, a jazz bassist, a poet and a screenwriter at one point or another in my career; but I never stopped and listened to that little voice who was telling me what it is I needed to be when I was ready to grow up.” -Jordan Daisuo

I’ve always been creative and always lacked direction; but I’ve always found myself diddling in notebooks, scribbling on napkins or reading books for no other apparent reason then their fun. I seemed to spiral back to one common medium-writing.  Now, all I had to do was find my niche, my voice, my style and my medium. Things do not get easier. I went from mental blocks to writers block. The field is more than I expected.

“I’ve had many revelations including my own book of revelations to get where I’m at today- could anyone remind me where that is again?”-Jordan Daisuo

I had to face the resistance- how is being a professional writer going to help me in the real world? I gotta get a real job and strive for a degree that’s going to make me real money which is what’s going to make me successful in real life. Such responses have been nothing but a major hindrance on my life and have done nothing but discourage me from continuing to pursue my true identity as a wordlock.

“I never took anything serious until comedy- which for a humorist- was pretty easy “.-Jordan Daisuo

I realized I did learn some things along the way like one must overcome negativity and follow what their heart is telling them; even if what makes you happy scares the living devil out of you. Having complete faith in yourself will help to fight back the fear- and the dragons.  How cool is that! I learned it also takes courage to keep fighting on even after friends and family have narrowed your life’s ambitions to that of a novel hobby. Not so cool.

“Being true to yourself is hard work- its like teetering on the edge of insanity and Jerry Springer. If you come home and find your family and friends still respect you, your kids aren’t acting out and your wife isn’t in bed with some stranger she met on Craigslist than your not trying hard enough”.-Jordan Daisuo

How can anyone ever truly be happy if their consciously willing to deprive themselves of who they are and what it is they love? This is the true power and beauty of perseverance; refusing to give up on our love, our faith or the visions of ourselves no matter how many times we fall, we get back up and we try harder- unless knocked unconscious- than we sleep it off.

“When God hands you lemons, you learn to make Napalm. Plus, who doesn’t like the fresh smell of napalm in the mourning-mmmmm, smells all citrusy.”-Jordan Daisuo

Why worry what others say, think or feel. Those who criticize others for perusing their dreams are the same as those who’ve allowed others to take away theirs. The reality is most people are too afraid to take the path trough uncharted forest since what remains at the end is unclear- especially if the path ahead is a scary volcano covered in smokey fog-unless your into scary volcanoes- otherwise I suggest taking a different route.

“I use to be so lazy- I would only take the road less taken if  was a short cut”.-Jodan Daisu

Isn’t the joy of the adventure discovering what no else has done before? Don’t worry about criticism- you cant please everyone but you can always please yourself. Don’t worry about money-this isn’t about money. It’s about believing in something greater than money, or social criticism or any other worry- it’s about believing fearlessly in  your true potential. Like bringing joy to the world- and if they want to throw in ten bucks for that little bit of joy- I shouldn’t feel guilty. And if I starve to death in the process, no problem, that bloods on your hands not mine, you cheap bastard.


“Our whole lives are based around trying to run away from our true selves. Think about it-pornography, alcohol, drugs- the education system.” -Jordan Daisuo

One must overcome such uncertainties and be willing to take on such challenges or learn to be content with never having followed through with those life goals. Failure doesn’t exist if you tired and learned something from it, took something valuable from those experiences everywhere you go and use what you learned in everything that you do- with the rare exception of trying to tap dance your way through a prison sentence.

“A mid life crisis is when your true self tells you its time to wake up- except you hit the snooze button- and buy a Corvette instead. I bought a off-brand Ford Taurus but that’s beside the point”.-Jordan Daisuo

Every situation is different and finding balance between both realities is possible. We’re all able to work a steady job while continuing to pursue our talents on the side. Many will still try to convince us to give up on our dreams and join what is considered the normal productive sector of society- be productive by being true to yourself.

“Whenever someone tells me I need to give up my goals-my beliefs-my desires. I do the only mature rational thing- I call them a dum-dum doodie head and jot off into the mourning light”.- Jordan Daisuo

Those individuals are only trying to deprive you of your true potential because they’ve allowed others to dis-empower themselves. They have the ability to live to their fullest potential but have become defeated by the dominating ego and will remain bitter until they learn to be true to themselves. Take pity on their harboring resentment because it is an affliction of their own innate potential left untapped by remaining distracted- hey, look! new movies on Netflix!

“I used to focus my energy on stupid things. Than I woke up- it didn’t happen in one night but every mourning. I came closer into consciousness over time and discovered my true self. Looking back- it’s hard to believe I blamed everyone else for my failures, wasted all that time inventing alibis, believed in my own lies more than in myself and remained blind to my own shortcomings. I was to blame for all my failures- but also for all my successes- and that’s when I looked myself in the mirror, smiled and told myself it was time to quit being a bitch”. -Jordan Daisuo

If you wish to be happy regardless of the outcome I learned to persevere. It will only make you stronger on the path of personal development. I plan on getting a masters degree in Ancient Studies with a Major in English and travel the world using humor as a method of sharing ideas on every continent while also writing a few books here and there. How far I get is half the fun- like putting your mind through the thick mud of sandy terrain. How does this happen? Well it does and you gotta pull yourself out one leg at a time. And when my destiny has been fulfilled- I plan on looking like I just came out of the wilderness after surviving on a diet of snails and tall grasses.

Now days I look at myself in the mirror, smile, wink, shoot my thumb-pointer finger pistol into the mirror, pull the trigger; and remind myself that I am a complete waste of human garbage. It keeps me grounded. Than I tell myself I’m going to be a less pitiful waste of organic life matter everyday. It’s a reminder that this world is full of Feces Pieces; and its my responsibility to plant a useful seed like corn maybe into life’s grand manure pile and hope to get something beautiful out of it like a tulip for example”.-Jordan Daisuo

For the rest of you- never give into the will of others and always remember to be true to yourself no matter what others say, think or feel and be true to yourself no matter how difficult it might seem in the moment- resistance is good. It means your tapping into new horizons. Persevere through the madness and you will step forward into uncharted planes. Because, you are only as good as you allow your true self to blossom. So don’t blossom into something lame like an onion that makes your mama cry every time peels back another layer. Be an Alchemist. Take the led that is your life and turn it into gold.

“I’m only trying to be true to myself. Why so much hostility? If you don’t like it- take a good look in the mirror and go reflect yourself”.-Jordan Daisuo


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